Friday, March 28, 2014

PART THREE: mini marshmallow bunnies easter basket cookies

well it's time for part 3 and the last of my mini marshmallow bunny series.

hope you got to catch part 1 and part 2!

you'll need to at least see part 1 if you wanna make these:
these guys make me giggle.

but the original pan i bought to make these did not.
oh what a pain!
you'll see it below next to the number 2.
i thought i was being all smart to not read directions when i got the pan at target.
it makes these cute little cookie cups but it isn't exactly easy to do if you don't read directions!

see that pink part of the pan up there?
well i dumped dough over the round silver pan and then stuck the pink part over it to make the cups.
when i opened the oven, the pink part was partially melted over the cookies!

what the what?
 i totally screwed up the pan!

now what to do?
well, i managed to figure something else out...

i used my cake pop pan instead!
and i just made these with ready mix cuz i wanted chocolate chip cookies and wasn't sure if a homemade from scratch recipe would work. but hooray the ready made stuff did!
and when i say roll the dough in the pic, i mean roll the dough into balls...
i let the cookies cool just a short while before making the wells cuz i wasn't sure if they would break when i made the wells cuz the cookies were still hot.
and it worked!
then i wondered what the use for that fancy pan was when i could've just used the cake pop pan all the while and saved me the $10 when i bought it.

oh well, let's just forget about it and move on...
i just used chocolate bark for these.

after you melt your chocolate bark, allow to cool until almost dry, then give it a good stir and the chocolate should now be semi-pasty.
don't use the chocolate if it's all warm and melty or the handle won't stick.
use a single strand cuz these sour twist belts were a little tricky to stay on due to their bulk. i had to use extra chocolate for the glue. but it still worked!

so then repeat and repeat and repeat til you have a whole bunny basket ensemble.
well, there ya go.
they say carrots are good for you anyway.
but i'd rather eat marshmallows.

anyway, hope you enjoyed this mini bunny series! leave me a comment so when i get back after spring break i'll be inspired to make you guys more fun treats!
you can make these cookies for your spring fling party if you win my giveaway by entering here.
yahoo it's a win win :)


  1. Couldn't figure how you'd make this into 3 posts, but you did and they got better every time! Hope you are enjoying your break.....what did you do? Where did you go? I'm heading to Colorado for a week to see my brothers. Catch you when I get back! Love ya, BBFF!! Dona

    1. oh i'm so happy you like my mini bunny series Dona! i was hoping people wouldn't tire of them! i did enjoy my break immensely-i was on a cruise and missed the internet/blogging like crazy though! so now i am going bonkers playing catch up! :>O have a blast with your brothers! xo!

  2. Well, my dear - right again! You did save the best for last! These are precious and I could see myself making them. Am working on the main course menu now and then I'll save a week to construct cute pastries for my dinner. These would be a big hit and I'll try to get them done! Thanks for yet another cutie-patootie of an idea!

    1. yay! i hope you make this cutie-patootie idea J! then you can tell me all about how the grandkids wolfed them down or played with them. teehee :)

  3. Okay, my first comment was deleted I think. Anyway, you are so funny because I hate to read instructions too - maybe it was meant to be because your baskets came out super cute! :)

    1. oh no! deleted? i think you said that happened before but i would NEVER delete your comments Kim-they make me smile smile smile-unlike that darn pan! heehee :>D

  4. Oh my gosh, I love your tiny bunnies/Easter baskets SO MUCH, Lisa! ADORABLE!

    1. YAY! thank YOU Sue! YOU were actually the inspiration behind these tiny bunnies-remember the tiny elves you made outta ice cream marshmallows? well the elves and these bunnies are distant cousins! so cookies and tiny marshmallow things are all calling your name! :>D

  5. I can't get over the adorable-ness!

    Thanks again for joining the Link Up this week!

    1. well i guess you'll have to eat them all Jess! it's a tough job but someone's gotta do it heehee :>D

  6. Lisa,
    These are so adorable. While I love the cute bunnies and the sour candy handle for the basket, I'm enamored with the cookie cups! They're so versatile and yummy! Thanks for the great idea :)

    1. oh i am SO the pan hoarder Aida! and the little cookies are fun to play with! although i do play with all my food anyway :>O lol thank you so much!

  7. These are adorable, Lisa! I'm not sure that I have the skill to pull them off, but they definitely make me giggle. Pinned!

    1. oh i'm sure you can make these Blair! it doesn't take much skill but if they make you giggle then that's all you really need isn't? heehee thank you so much for the pin :>D!

  8. Love your marshmallow cute!!!!
    Have a wonderful day:)

    1. you made my day wonderful just by your comment! thank you so much The Happy Creations :) !


here's wishing for a stuffed comment box... :>D