Wednesday, March 26, 2014

PART TWO: mini marshmallow bunny easter eggs

hooray you're back!
hope you got to read part 1 of the mini bunny post. you'll have to, actually, if you wanna make the bunnies i used for this next post.

this whole mini bunny concept came about backwards 
when i saw these:
there i was again, loving the packaging.
darn marketers and their tricks rob me all the time. lol :>O
anywho, inside were erasers and tattoos-something that i could surely give little kids but nothing my older kids would be interested in. 
so i put what came in it away, 
and did this instead.

the bunnies have found a home.
you could wrap the whole thing in a cellophane gift bag with a bow attached.
i recommend giving your loved one more than one egg since jeepers, one egg only holds up to 2 bunnies!

you can make them all like this
add some straws.
you'll need to hold the straw in place for just a few minutes til the glue starts to dry.

so there you have it!
want more mini bunny fun?
stay tuned for part 3 coming this Friday!
woohoo! this one's an ultra cutie!
(oh and btw, if you're wondering where i am with the reply to your comment, i'm on spring break this week without internet! yikes! but double woohoo for spring break!)


  1. Love the idea of gluing straws on the bottom of eggs...maybe make it into a bouquet. The little bunnies inside are cute too, but my kids would need a mountain of eggs to satisfy their mini marshmallow

    1. Oooo a bouquet sounds like a fantastic idea Erlene! send me a pic if you decide to make it although you would have to make a million bunnies to satisfy the craving! lol no worries though cuz it only takes a second to make one so in an hour you'll have enough to feed a whole army! heehee :>D

  2. You are a well of creativity, flowing out for all to see! A part THREE? How can it be????

    Yup, just for you, BBFF, I'm a poet and don't know it but my feet show it, they're LONGFELLOWS!

    Yuk, yuk. Love this idea!!!!! Dona

    1. i love your poem don't you see?
      what it is you do to me?
      all your comments that you make,
      i should really make you a cake!

      ok so that was ummm...kinda lame but i can't really top your longfellow comment!
      yuk yuk! :>D that's why you're my BBFF!

  3. OK ... Part 1 was adorable ... Part 2 is very creative ... what could be left for Part 3??? I'm feelin' like such a slacker ... you take everything above and beyond ... and that's a good thing :)

    1. oh goodness Brenda! don't ever feel like a slacker! just a person who's smart enough to rest her brain to come up with more ideas later unlike me who is hyperspaz and can't find rest! hey wanna trade places? heehee ;)

  4. Adorable! Kids would be delighted to pry these open, admire the bunnies, and then either play with them (my granddaughter) or wolf them down with a smirk (the grandsons!).

  5. Replies
    1. thank you Stephanie! the ears make it don't they? :>D


here's wishing for a stuffed comment box... :>D