Tuesday, March 4, 2014

mardi gras party animals (errr...dinosaurs)

ric rac.
acrylic paint.
ball push pins.
and stickers .
yes awesome stickers.

these are some of the makings for something crazy fun.
something i thought of when i saw these and knew i just had to make some for myself.
and i had to do it lickety split cuz 
is the holiday for these.

come see what i'm talking about.
aren't these fantastically colorfully awesome?
i thought so too.
and with it being 40% off, i had to have them.

so now i thought, what the heck to do with them?
the folks at joann fabrics think i am an avid scrapbooker with all the stickers i get but little do they know that i haven't touched a scrapbook for years and years and years.

no, i used these stickers for something else.
i hot-glued that sticker to his head.
that's a crazy dinosaur.
a mardi gras party animal if you will.
cuz even if i know zlitch when it comes to mardi gras, i do know parades and beads and parties are all part of it.

so i grabbed me some dollar tree dinosaurs and went to town.
i got 2 of each kind they had in stock.
i was looking for animal animals but all they had were dinos so i settled for them.

i think they worked out.
wanna see more?
that is a pretty fancy tail though...
hmmm...not so sure about that t-rex.
must be the little arm syndrome he's making up for.
and here's my favorite.
she's a beauty huh?
and she doesn't look as shy as her sister either.
here are 2 more.
chevron foot cuffs? who'da thunk.
no comment for t-rex #2.
just because.
oh jeez louise.
hope those t-rexes didn't spoil your lunch.

and more so, hope you have a wonderful 


  1. Lisa these are so cute! I never thought to decorate toys like this, I am going to show this to my daughter tonight and I am sure we will be painting some toys soon! Thanks for always being so creative and sharing it with us!

    1. oh you can make an entire zoo with a ton of animals-imagine the possibilities Tracey! it's not entirely my idea but i still think they are a total blast to make. sure beats doing laundry anyway. heehee thank YOU ever so much! :>D

  2. Haha...super cute!

    Thanks for joining the Link Up this week!

    1. glad they made you giggle Jess! those t-rexes are sure conceited! i gotta find out who their wonderful dentist is though. :>O

  3. ACK! I can't believe you said "jeez Louise"!!! I say that all the time!!! These guys are so jazzy! Flamboyant!!!! Colorful to the nth degree! What a great idea for old toys. Wonder if my 20 year old grandson still has any of his? Hmmmm.......Your BBFF! Dona

    1. HAHA!! who'da thunk dinosaurs could be so flamboyant right Dona?! you could dress them up to any outfit-perhaps even putting a mini pom pom on the nose for a clown outfit! heehee i bet your 20 year old grandson would like that idea! lol thanks again my BBFF! :)

    2. oh and i bet he would say jeez louise when you ask him! LOL!!!

  4. This is hilarious! They look like so much fun - I can only imagine what my 3-year-old would come up with. Thanks for linking up with the MaMade Blog Hop!

    1. oh gosh Pajama Mama i bet your 3-year-old would make the best outfits! kids have a way of knowing how to dress their toys! lol thank you so much and i'm glad i gave you a giggle! :)

  5. You have the best dressed dinos ever! Never too old to play with toys :)

    1. oh thank you so much Brenda! if i ever get too old to play with toys please shoot me! LOL :>D

  6. giggle these are so great!!! Thank you for sharing your sweet blog at the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop ♥

    1. i love to hear that giggle Katherine! thank YOU so much :>D

  7. Thanks for sharing your creativity on the Thursday Blog Hop!!

  8. Awesome party animals, they look so fun!!

    1. i think they'd be great for mardi gras party food labels-they could hold the label in their mouths! heehee thanks for checking out my link Michelle! :)

  9. Dinos and Mardi Gras - where but this fun, happy place could you find that combo? I love them all! And btw - I just need to get this out of the way - Joe and Mike have been two-timing you! They show up in Michigan and pay me 40% off to sneak out and see them! So not only do you and I share a love for crazy-fun stuff, I guess it's these guys too!

    1. great minds think alike and apparently like the same guys/stores! heehee and well, i kinda figured they'd do that-i mean, when they have those coupons (especially Joe cuz they always have so many!) i find a reason, any reason, to go there-aww what the heck am i saying? i'd go there anyway! LOL i need to find more stuff to go with the party dinosaurs y'know cuz the more the merrier as i am sure Joe and Mike would agree! :>D thanks for hanging out with me so much on your Sunday morning J! i can't thank you enough!!! :)

  10. What can I say...YOU are a party animal and I love it!

  11. You painted dinosaurs! You are so fun. I would never have let my kids do that. (Yes I can be a stick in the mud) but they would totally love it, and I can only imagine how much fun ya'll had making these! Fabulous :)

    1. painted dinos are fun Krista! and they make for an interesting conversation piece for mardi gras decor too :>D thanks again for stopping by!


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