Monday, December 30, 2013

new year's eve muddy buddie popcorn filled hats

well guys,
hope your christmas was 
fantabulously fantastically wonder full!

mine was over the top busy, event full, 
and also wonder full!

i took a mini break from blogging much to my brain's relief, but i couldn't stay away too long on account of the first 2014 holiday comin' round the corner.

so i made these:
yes you read that title right.
these are not just party hats, 
they have a treat inside!

so see,
it's a party in a party mix for your partyers at your 
new year's party.
(whoa! say that 10 times fast)

and for you hard partyers,
here's something else you can do with it.

and if you can't make it to midnite like me and are already in your pj's drinking white grape juice trying to act all cool making everyone think it's really champagne you are drinking, even if it's only 10 pm and you are dead tired and can't wait til 2014 to actually arrive, then use the rest of the favor kit and bag it up to take it home to munch on when you are more awake.
ok that's a wrap!
have an awesome new year's and be safe if you choose to be a hard partyer :)


  1. Wonderful celebration hats and love the packaging too! Those candy hats in the muddy buddy's will be an extra special treat!

    1. oh these are nothin' compared to the wonderment of what you create Kim! but all that glitters does glow :) i'm SOOOOOOOO happy you always come by!!!!! :>D

  2. Love the tiny party hat treats ... great use of the mold! One cute party hat and one size fits all :)

    1. yes they do fit all Brenda! oh you are so smart-what a great way to start the new year! :>D

  3. Must have been caught up in the "post-Christmas crazies" cuz I'm just seeing this now! They are darling! I cannot believe you decorated the hats with Sharpies! I seriously thought that was purchased and machine stamped paper! You have a perfect hand! (ohhh...I know! It's from plugging people with an IV needle all day long! Yep! That'll give ya some serious practice!)

    1. LOL!!! i certainly understand about the "post-Christmas crazies"! i think i just realized what was wrong with me! and thank you SO much J for thinking i bought the design-you are so smart to say i got a lot of practice sticking IVs in those poor folks-i'd much rather just decorate hats with sharpies any day :)


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