Thursday, December 19, 2013

santa peanut blossoms

well guys,
i discovered the art of food crafting insanity.
it may have been around for awhile, and i knew i had it, but reality came to grips when i was making my billion and one dozen christmas cookies this week.

i discovered that i can no longer make normal christmas cookies.
nope. cookies for me need to have shape. 
and color. 
and originality. 

eyes! yes! eyes!

i told you it was a form of insanity, 
when i can't make normal cookies.
cuz for some reason, 
i have to play with my food. 

even if it's using a ready made mix since i want to spend time putting eyes on them instead of measuring how much sugar or vanilla is needed. 

so here's the game i played.

aww crap! i screwed up already! 
better try to win this game... did i win?
but i already made these here, and even though i like the homemade ones MUCH MUCH MUCH better, i still wanted in the game.

so i read the game directions further...
eyes?!?! YES!
i like these ummm...weird lookin' things already...?!?!
and candy glue a red sixlet candy for the nose.
hey! well lookie at that!
still looks a little weird to me, but i guess i'm still in the game?
oh my! isn't he silly lookin'?
he's my kinda abnormal cookie.

oh what fun, it is to bake...
who says santa can't be chocolate?!
and he's yummy too.
oh the games people play!
so see, reindeers aren't the only ones who can play games this time of year.


  1. I totally get your insanity and love how you transformed these common cookies into something really festive for Christmas.

    Beth @ HungryHappenings

    1. i wish i was insane like i am now when i was younger Beth! think of all the fun stuff i woulda made! lol thanks for the smile :)

  2. OH YES!! The EYES!!! The EYES!!!! Everything must have EYES!!! How adorable! (Ugh, I need to break out my Thesaurus again). You ARE amazing, and this girls BBFF! Dona

    1. oh Dona! thesaurus or not, you always know how to say the right things :) when something is staring right back at you before you eat it, it's bound to be picked up by me where others may run for the hills. HA! as they say "the eyes have it" hardi har har and i didn't even use a thesaurus! :>O

  3. I get it ... there's something about eyeballs on everything! I love your Santa :)

    1. i had no doubt you'd get it Brenda! i mean you do make gingerbread men ride surfboards, so, we absolutely understand each other! heehee lucky me you're my friend! :)

  4. Just look at those cute little Santas popping out of the cookies, how awesome!!

    1. just look at your nice comment. YOU're awesome Michelle! :) thank you!

  5. Okay, these may just win the prize for CUTENESS. Oh, so cute! I smiled when I saw them. Thanks for sharing!

    1. a CUTENESS prize?!?! oh thank you Sheila! i think that's gotta be the best kind! :)

  6. This is a great way to stay alert... Somebody is ALWAYS watching you (from the plate) :-D
    Love these cute, little fellas !
    Thanks for linking up with my parteeeeyyy :)

    1. heehee yes somebody is ALWAYS watching you (from the plate) so you better eat them quick Mila! lol thanks so much for your party again! :)


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