Tuesday, October 16, 2012

trick or treater push up pops

this is gonna be like a freakishly looooong post.

i'm sorry in advance but i do hope it will be worth your time. it's just that i went a little crazy when i made these, and wanted to show you, so you too can join the crazy train with me.

hold on tight!
what is this?!?
a trick or treater cookie mob?!

i've always loved the gazillion push up pop treats floating around the web but i never really got the idea for a push up pop treat without making a mess eating the treat inside. 

i mean, one time i put trail mix in it for a camping party favor, thinking it was all cute when whoosh! went all the peanuts and raisins and m&m's all over the place when the kids opened them up. and then the kids just stared at the mess, shrugged their shoulders and ran off to some other party activity.

oh woah the pain i had!

it was then that i was bound and determined that i come up with a treat that would make eating a treat in a push up pop a little easier.

thus the birth of these crazy things.
i made 20 of them. 
then i got tired and called it a day.

let's start already.
you'll need:
we'll talk about those trick or treat bags in a bit...
ok so now that you have that, take your push up pops and pull them apart.
you will use this part for now.
the tops and the "push" part.
1. fill push part with melted green candy melt (i use those darn candy melts way too much!)
2. make sure the candy is patted down and looks even on all sides
3.take your milano cookie and put a blob of candy on the bottom
4.then hold it for a minute with your one hand
5. while the candy is still wet, take a toothpick and make it look like grass
6. use the top of your push pop to hold the cookie while it dries

ok, so do you have a cookie like this?
darn milano cookies are not cheap and some are broken to boot! dang!
if you find some a little busted, use it anyway.
or you can eat those too and use the vienna finger cookies instead. they're not as 'delicate".
milano surfaces are smooth and viennas are bumpy so save the smooth ones for the treats that won't be entirely covered (you'll see what i mean in a bit).

oh, and don't forget to thank your frankenstein spatula for all his help.
the candy melt dries quickly, like in 5-10 minutes. or you can stick them in the fridge to set for an even quicker time.
once the cookies are set, put your push up pops back together. 
you'll see a broken cookie in the next pic (bottom right corner). that's ok.
ok ready to decorate?
 let's do a mummy.
then a pumpkin.
and a dracula.
i used the broken milano for the ghost (the candy keeps it together)...
drip some candy for the witch's hair & use a starburst for her hat.
i screwed up on her dress. oh well. it's supposed to be an ugly dress anyway right?
silly monster. 
 this cat's my daughter's favorite.
i used licorice for the tail.
this guy's tail is made from a starburst candy. use a toothpick to "paint" the cookie.
 the one-eyed-one-horned dude.
with tiny wings.
 i love the tiny bone sprinkles for this funny lookin' skeleton.
spiders on a tombstone.
so there you have it! whew!
for some, i used the milanos for the time when i didn't need to cover the front and the viennas when i did.

so how's 'bout a class pic?

for the gifted class.
and the not so gifted class.
don't think the cat should be in this class though...oh well.
my son told me his favorites were "all the ones in the front row" and "the back row too!" 
 silly kid.
huh? where are your bags kids?
oh yeah...i'll get them.
 so hold the bag real tight OK?
no no no no...

looks like we'll need some twine.
that's better.
ok so don't forget to get me some reese's cups! they're my favorite.
happy trick or treating!

but don't tell people to "smell my feet".
that's just plain nasty.


  1. I just HAD to stop over and see these guys. They are so awesome, I'm just cringing over your trail mix episode. I can just see it flying everywhere:( Thanks so much for linking up, these are great!

    1. oh Michelle! YOU ARE THE BEST! and i am cracking up at your "cringing" comment. yeah, it wasn't pretty! LOL

  2. You are hilarious! Love what I see here, I'm sure I'll be back for more!!! Your newest follower :)

    1. yahooo!!!!!!! yippeeeeeeeee!!!! wazooooooo!!! not that i'm excited or anything...THANK YOU Ilda! :) heehee

  3. Replies
    1. thank you Munchkin Munchies queen! it means a heckuva lot to me that you like these, given all your ah-mazing creations! :)

  4. My gosh you sure were busy. These are amazing! In fact I think these are the most creative food items I have seen! Good job!!!!! Cheers.

    1. yippee! what a comment!!!!!!!! THANK YOU Feral Turtle thank you!!!! and it looks like a lot of work but the time flew making them :)

  5. These are so fun! My kids would love to help make them - and eat them! :)
    Newest GFC follower! :)

    1. HOORAY!!!!!! THANK YOU Dori!!! :>D so happy you like them!

  6. These are just so awesome! Such a wonderful idea, and so different as well! I've pinned this for future use!!

    I would love to invite you to post this over at my link party on The Purple Pumpkin Blog! Hope to see you there :)

    Michelle xoxo

    1. oh THANK YOU Michelle for the pjn and the invite! i'm off to your party now :)

  7. Sooo cute! Thank you for sharing! I have a weekend craft party going on if you would like to be part of.......http://sewliciousdecor.wordpress.com/2012/10/21/show-licious-sunday-craft-showcase-2.


    1. why absolutely sure Marti! THANK YOU so much for inviting me :) happy to hear you like these trick or treaters!

  8. wow, what a fun project! New follower from the blog hop :)

    1. WAHOOOO! THANK YOU Ashley! i'm doin' the happy dance :)

  9. Wow those are really cool!
    Dropping by from the Live Laugh Rowe blog hop. :)

  10. These are just too cute!
    The Trick or Treaters will be happy to come to your house!

    1. you are just too kind Toqua Crafts :) i LOVE trick or treaters!

  11. Cool & creative treats! They look yummy! Thanks for sharing at Submarine Sunday!!!


    1. you are so welcome T'onna! thanks so much for your comment :)

  12. OMG those are just too cute! Thanks for sharing on the We Made That Linky!

    1. hey hey thanks again! they're pretty easy to make and your kids can make them whatever they want-yippee! and thanks for your party once again! :)

  13. These are amazing! :) Love your pictures, too funny. I'm delighted to have discovered your blog over at the Purple Pumpkin, following along now! :)

    1. HOORAY!!!!!! thank you for making my Thursday, Being Inspired! happy you're here to join the silly fun :>D

  14. What a great idea. Such clever and fun designs! Love them.

    1. thank YOU so much Beth! woohoo as you are the expert pro food crafter, your comment is SO appreciated!:)

  15. Thank you so much for sharing this at The Purple Pumpkin Blog......you've been featured!

    Michelle xoxo

    1. YAHOOOOOO! that's awesome Michelle! THANKS LOADS! :)


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