Thursday, October 11, 2012

silly skeleton pics: part 2

oh yay! you're back for part 2!
if you missed part 1, please go here, as this will help you understand this "sequel".

ok so now onto pic #2.

for this picture, i used the 1.99 target plate.

then grab those glitter pumpkins and:

put those aside for a sec.
cuz now it's surgery time!
muah hahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaa

then add eyes and a spider.

you like spiders don't cha mr. 1/2 skeleton?
do not remove spider. 
let him be freaked out. 
it looks better...


again, i got the stickers at michael's.

so ta da for plate #2.
so while you're here, 
can i proceed to plate #3?

oh thank you so much! :)

now put those surgeon gloves back on and,
ok so get ready to tackle the ole' bones again, especially with those stubborn arms and:

check out your last and final silly skeleton picture.
yeah, i turned his feet so he's bow-legged...

now put all 3 silly pics together along with some spider webs and bats and you get this:
finally done with this ultra mega long post!

so now all i have to do is figure out how i can use the rest of the skeletons...
yeah, that's a hip bone on his head and some femur bones for arms...


  1. Cute!

    Would love to have you join my weekend linky party!


  2. Hahaha those are fun! (I need to get my hands on some skeletons, lol)
    I love that you put the hip bone in place of the skull in the last pic; at The Wellcome Collection in London there's a reconstructed skeleton where the skull and hip bones have been swapped over! It reminded me of that :)

    1. really? that is HILARIOUS Kei! it's comforting knowing there's another demented soul out there. heehee thanks so much for commenting all the way from England! that is so cool :)

  3. That is the cutest thing I have ever seen! I would LOVE for you to showcase it on my SHOW-licious Craft Showcase party. I host it every Sunday (I know it's Monday but I am still taking I would love for you to link up and showcase your crafts! Just follow the link....

  4. Lisa, it's fun seeing you have so much goofiness with your Halloween decorations. Love the glitter pumpkins the most though... Thank you for sharing it all on the blog in the linky 'Time for a Party'. btw. We'll have a new party tomorrow! Hope to seeing you again!

    1. thanks for appreciating my goofiness Rose! :>D and mostly thank YOU for all your wonderful link parties :) i'll most certainly be back!

  5. Those all came out great! Thanks so much for sharing on the We Made That linky!

    1. oh you are very welcome We Made That! thanks so much for your comment :)


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