Friday, October 26, 2012

my halloween 2012 round up

guess i've been a busy beaver with halloween stuff.

so in case you missed anything creepy, scary, or just plain silly, here's a rundown.

for something different, try these:
monster jars-these are quick to make and loads of fun for the kiddies
candy corn zombies-these are waaaaaay silly!

for something easy, try these:
eraser box-get rid of all those erasers
styrofoam eyeballs-even toddlers can help you do this
pumpkin centerpieces-raid the dollar store already
butter dishes-use these for treats & not for butter
batty rice krispies-go batty with these 

for something kid-like, try these:
artist picture-from dollar store again!

for the more challenging food crafters, try these:
candy cupcakes-oh what a party favor
frightful pretzels-a halloween manicure
trick or treaters P-U-Ps-these are really fun to make & there's a bunch of different kinds

and finally for the witch-lovers, try these:

marshmallow ones-almost too cute to eat
caramel apple ones-easy peasy
witch's candy-easier than it looks

okey dokey! 
that is the end of my halloween craziness for the year 2012. whew!

i sure hope you enjoyed them :)
now i am off to play with the turkeys.

hope you get to be a part of some halloween festivities this weekend!

i'll be back after trick or treat day with some thanksgiving stuff-yahoo!


  1. Seeing all these ideas in one place... you are seriously amazing Lisa!! Can't wait to see what you have in store for Thanksgiving. If you'd like to debut one of your ideas on my blog I'd love to have you as a guest poster! : )

    1. WHADDA WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?! excuse me as i recuperate from my fainting episode... no, still not recovered...lemme email you Heather in a minute or 2...

  2. Thanks for sharing all these cool Halloween crafts at Submarine Sunday!


  3. These are great!! I'd love if you'd stop by and link up your Candy Corn Related recipes over at Candy Corn Recipe Round-Up

  4. A fab round-up - i remember reading a lot of these as you posted them!

    Thank you so much for sharing these with me on #CraftyOctober at The Purple Pumpkin Blog! ^_^

    1. and i remember you stopping by then! i'm SOOO grateful Michelle! THANK YOU! :>D


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