Tuesday, October 2, 2012

pumpkin centerpieces

do you have black paint? E-6000 glue?
how about $5.00?

no, i'm not selling you anything!
i'm just wanting to let you in on making a centerpiece for your halloween party table without costing a fortune, granted you have the paint and glue already.
i was inspired by martha's last year.

so, do ya wanna make these?
me too, but it ain't happening here.

what about this?
oh whoa!
that looks like an intense amount of work.
let's skip that.

ok. ok. 
i'll get serious now. 
let's just do these instead.
they're funny aren't they?

and water proof too, as you can see how they are on a rain stained tablecloth (not purposeful by the way, it just happened the weather didn't cooperate that day).

so here's a quick quick lickety split tute.
get this at the dollar tree store:
the name alone, 
"citrouille a decouper
should mark this up to at least $50 but i'll settle for a buck. 

ok so what else can we get for a buck?
how's 'bout:

1. paint the inside of the sundae glass(much better to use than a candle holder cuz it's HEAVY and will withstand annoying wind during your party) with black spray paint or acrylic or whatever
2. carve the pumpkin eye sockets and mouth 
3. insert the dollar eyes, dollar fangs (optional) 
4. tie the dollar ribbon 
5. lastly flip your dollar sundae glass upside down and glue the dollar pumpkin on top of the dollar glass.

i know it's redundant to say "dollar" all the time, but it feels good on the pocketbook when you say it.

i didn't use any glue for the eyes or fangs cuz when you insert them, the hold is pretty tight.

the trickiest part to all this is getting the socket shape of the eyes to fit the eyeballs and mouth if you want to insert the fangs.
i started out small first, tried to insert it, and then kept carving it bigger as needed.

anyway, aside from my favorite one i have up there with the dollar ribbon sign, here are the other ones.
squiggle mouth.
he's lookin' both ways i guess.
this one looks freaked out for some reason.
awww, look. it's a baby!
good example of an epic flaw pumpkin.
he's perfectly imperfect.
what's so funny?
yeah. yeah. 
just pretend i'm not talking to ya mr. pumpkin.

so anyway,
 there you have it your 
el cheapo 
citrouille a decouper centerpieces!

thanks for joining in on the fun! 


  1. Those are so fun! What a great decoration! I haven't seen them at the dollar store, but I know my kids would have a very fun time carving them. Love how you made them!

    1. they would have fun Michelle-cuz there's no pumpkin guts to deal with and the pumpkins are really light weight too :) thank you so much for your comments! i <3 them!

  2. ha,ha, ha, these are so cute you did great job& put them out here for people to do ,Thank's all some,,,Cookie17

    1. yeah they are pretty fun to put together :) thanks so much Cookie 17! (does that mean you eat 17 cookies? you rock.)

  3. Lisa, I think those are the freakest pumpkins I have ever seen!!! WAY TO GO!!!! They are scary-looking in a cute-ish way hehe

    Thanks so much for sharing this at The DIY Dreamer.. From Dream To Reality!

    1. thanks for liking my freakish scary cute pumpkins Christine! :)

  4. I like them. I like the collages, too. What program did you make them in? Best wishes, Linda


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