Monday, February 1, 2016

galaxy glow robot party

dear buddy,
today you are an official teenager!

dang you are growing up so fast.

you got the sassy attitude to prove it and 
the loving heart that makes that tolerable for me.

with only 5

 days of realizing i was gonna be a mom of 2 when the adoption lawyer called, 
you've brought more sunshine to me than i could ever imagine.

so i make memories for you.

as memories are one of the things 
that build you.

no matter what,

always do as much as you can 
to service others and make happy memories for them.

i know we just had a bday party for you and who knows if you'll be too cool for school for a party next year but hey,
i'll think of something right? 
cuz that's just what your nutty mom does.

nutty as in party insane.

i claim that title fully.

so i fell behind in my blog posts a little this week as i planned your 13th party.

and as that weekend day is now past,
i reflect on your past birthdays and 
how those happy memories are lodged in our hearts and mind.

take a look at your 9th bday party for instance.
happy memories right?

dang i am nutty aren't i?
it's only cuz you are outta this world and i am nuts about you.

XOXOXO 4eva,


  1. This party looks out of this world adorable! I bet the birthday boy and all the guests had a blast!! Can't wait to see what's in store for the big 13!

    1. oh you are so sweet Kim! i look back at this and think "what in the world?!?!" lol holy cow i AM nuts! but there are so many kids who still talk about a lot of the parties i had to this day and some of them are in college now! LOL his 13th party wasn't as extravagant unfortunately cuz we had it a trampoline venue! but it sure the heck was easier to put together! ;)

  2. Oh Lisa! WOW! This is amazing! Perfect for a 13 year old young man! Who but you would think of all those special touches? And I like the glow stick effect too! And then there's your heartfelt intro - what a sweet message from the depths of the heart of a loving mother! You're terrific!

    1. thank you J! this was actually his party 4 years ago and i even had the movie "9" showing at the "universe all studios" on one of my back porches. lol everything was super cool at night with all the glow effects. goodness it was some party indeed with tons of money spent but ahh the memories we have! :>D

  3. What a super awesome and fun Mom you are Lisa! I love making my kiddos and grandkiddos feel loved and special. You had me all teary eyed reading this sweet post. Happy birthday to your birthday boy and I'm sure he knows you love him to the moon and back! :)

    1. awwwww Karen!!! you put a BIG smile on my face and a warm fuzzy in my heart! thank you so very much for for sweetness!!!!! :>D

  4. This is incredibly cool! I love all your details! I have a 13 year old too and i feel the, what happened to the time?! P.S. we are super nutty with parties too!

    1. HAHA! i think it's the fact we have teens that makes us so nutty?! oh well, it sounds good at least :>o thanks so much the adventures of Jolly and Happy! :>D

  5. i look back on it and feel tired! LOL oh and happy too! thanks so much Marilyn! :>D


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