Saturday, October 31, 2015

happy halloween party

today i am one year older and plan to veg out.
no more parties for me today, 
unless of course someone else throws them.

i say this only cuz i hosted one last saturday 
and this is how you can have one too.

if you give your people a halloween invite, 
you have to fix your house.
when you fix your house,
spider webs are mandatory.
also mandatory is food.
cuz spooky food's some of the most funnest food.
spooky food like a throwing up goulash pumpkin, rice casserole baked in a pumpkin, ghostly cheese flatbread, pumpkin shape pepperoni pizza, and the classic mummy dogs.
spooky food needs a spooky table,
for all the spooky dishes like these to hang out.
and you'll need spooky drinks of course.
in spooky containers that watch your every move.
with all that staring going on,
eyeballs will have their fill of halloween fun.
and speaking of fun, 
you'll need a pumpkin carving table.
and a setup for kid games and goodies. 
where some of your goodies are sugary sweet.

then everyone can finally party.

and then go trick or treating after a spooktacular meal and frightfully fun games.

then when the bags are filled with candy, 
the bellies are full of spookiness,
and the eyes are filled with halloween wonder,
it'll be time to hang it up and call it a night.
but only after you grab that hershey bar 
outta your kid's trick or treat bag...

monster hugs to you,


  1. Happy Halloween! Looks like your party was a huge hit. You really went all out.

    1. i am just now starting to feel "normal" again if that is even possible Beth! lol every year i wonder if i am getting too old for this stuff but i still keep going! :>O

  2. What a great party! Was that your backyard? Or a park? Cuz if it's your backyard, I'm totally jealous. But you need it for all your partying fun! Happy Birthday, BBFF! Looking forward to a great year ahead full of all your creations!!! Dona

    1. HA! that IS my backyard-all 2 1/2 acres so it's plenty big for a HUGE party which by the way keeps getting bigger every year-maybe it'll be big enough that my BBFF can step outta your house and join us Dona! lol but if that ever happens i will never recuperate from exhaustion! LOL ;)

  3. Look like a lot of fun! Food is so yummy looking. Thanks for sharing.

    1. it was a blast from what i can tell from the pics Michelle-lol i am always so busy running around i never really relax and enjoy myself but at least the guests had fun which is all that maters! :)

  4. That is one erie-sistable party - you're guests must have had the best time! Now I must come to one of YOUR parties!

    1. one time i didn't get to have it as big a party and a bunch of my friends were upset-everyone looks forward to it every year! man oh man i wish you could come! :>D

  5. WOW! I knew this would be a good one - like last year! You didn't miss a thing! And then to top it all off with trick-or-treating! What fun for everybody - including that little dog with Sombrero Guy! Your property is gorgeous! Perfect place to party!

    1. hey how'd your comment sneak in after i go the next one? never mind-i LOVE when you come to visit J! only thing better than your comment is if you were actually here at the party-boy oh boy you and i could make SOOO many cool things together in my big yard! :>D

  6. This looked like such a great time!

    Thanks for joining Cooking and Crafting with J & J!

  7. Looks like such a fun party with all kinds of creative treats! Thanks for sharing at Submarine Sunday!!

    1. thank you T'onna! we had spooktacular (and exhausting for me-lol) time! :>D


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