Tuesday, October 27, 2015

monster mouth cookies

so i had a BIG halloween party this past Saturday.
which explains all my exhaustion.
i'll make a post about it soon so you can see the insanity.
there were like 45 kids plus parents and friends and family and well, you get the pic.

anyway, as the list of people going kept getting longer,
i was panicking a bit thinking i wouldn't have enough treats.
and one of the treats i had on my list was to make those colorful monster cookies that you see in blogland here.

but dang it all, i can never leave anything alone.
and as far as making these cookies, 
i liked the color of them but was 
bored once again with the circle shape.

then i came across these:
tell me, what do you see?

it's not what you think they are...

so i'll let that thought soak in a bit and show you my short cut way of making monster cookies which came to me like a rainbow on a cloudy day.
AHHHHHH! said the halloween angels to me,
as i sang and danced in the target aisle cuz i found me a shortcut to make the cookies.
aaaand it came with googly eyes!
purposefully make weird shape cookies.
these are monsters after all...
and it's the perfect kid cookie to do for kids and unlike OCD moms like me who like everything perfect.
cuz the more imperfect the more character.

ok so as soon as you take them outta the oven,
stick the eyes in the warm cookie, grab a spoon, and do this:
you can add the eyes first or make the mouths first.
it doesn't matter.
just don't dilly dally around drinking a latte or take a bubble bath cuz your monsters will die on you before you know it (ie: cool down).

ok so let's get back to that handful of stuff i had in my hand.
did you guess what they were?

did you guess this?

just add them to the warm cookie too 
and as they melt, they'll automatically stick.
so there you have your big eared or fat hand or whatever weirdo looking halloween monster cookies in less than an hour.
so now the only thing left to do is sink your teeth into them.


  1. You do know you are crazy, right? As in certifiable? Certifiably genius!! Yes, you are a genius when it comes to taking something and making it better! These are the greatest! But....I'd expect nothing less from you, BBFF!! Dona

    1. certifiably crazy genius? i'll take it! although my hubby just says i am certifiably just crazy. ok i'll go with that too BBFF! hehe ;)

  2. I can imagine how amazing and crazy your Halloween party was, and sure wish I was on the guest list! I understand your exhaustion as hosted a similar party this weekend. I feel like I need to go curl up with a monster and enjoy a good 5 day nap. I love how your mind works and your sense of humor. You always make me laugh:)

    1. holy cow if i had you on the guest list i would put you in the kitchen and then the entire universe that i know would come just to see you and your stuff! then when it's all over we can BOTH curl up with a monster who will attack anyone who disturbs our sleep. LOL!!! :>D

  3. Why of course I saw teeth the first time you showed me! And the creativity of the imperfect monster's are creatively perfect in a monster mouth sort of way!! I want to come to your Halloween party, I was just looking at costumes....and I think I have the perfect one!

    1. OoooOo i sure would love to see that costume Kim! is it a decorated cookie? lol cuz everytime i see decorated cookies i think of you so of course it's an open invitation every single year! and not just a Halloween party but to every single one!... just bring your decorated cookies lol ;)

  4. Sweet, cute and unique!! I'm sure they were a bit at your party! :-)

    1. Umm..hit, not bit! But I'm sure somebody bit one..but anyways..awesome cookies!

    2. BAHAHA! good save Karen! and yes a lot of them were bitten! :>D

  5. Replies
    1. thank you Audra! and they are flippin' easy to make too :)

  6. Very cute, thanks for linking up to Home Matters Party. #HomeMattersParty http://cu-rio.net/home-matters-linky-party-61/

  7. My kids would love these!
    Thanks for sharing at the Create-Share-Inspire link party


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