Sunday, December 21, 2014

yogurt candy ornaments

christmas crunch time.
the only christmas crunch i want to hear about is what's in my cereal bowl.

and so to make a post and do some blah blah blahing there is very little time for, 
i'm going to make this a very picture heavy tutorial that actually took me 2 hours to create for a 
5 minute craft.

i do beleive i need to get my priorites straight!

so without further ado, 
may i present to you,


oh sorry i grabbed a quickie nap there while i had the chance!
better get hopping 
back to wrapping and shopping
and baking and making
and crying and dying
cuz i wanna do SOOO much more for christmas :>O


  1. Now, see? This is exactly why you need to get paid for your advertising for these companies! You had to eat a lot of yogurt for these! AND, to the yogurt makers out there, this inspires me to BUY that kind of yogurt! Never would before....too many calories!! But of course I don't think like my BBFF, SHE is the brilliant one! Who would think to eat the yogurt and not the topping??!!! GENIUS! I love these! 'Scuse me....time to go shopping and eating.........Dona

    1. oh my goodness Dona! you ALWAYS put a BIG smiley on my face! :>D i've had some companies approach me and ask to review their products or what not and i always turn them down-mostly cuz i never heard of their products or don't even use them-lol speaking of which THIS yogurt-i only got it for the candy on top-lol i'm using the yogurt for recipes! heehee ;) will i ever buy things just to buy them? :>O

  2. I know what you mean about taking 2 hours for a tutorial on a simple project. Totally worth having me want to hang yogurt toppers on my tree!

    1. "hang yogurt toppers" sounds funny to me Kim-only a crazy food crafter would get that! so happy we get each other! :>D HA!


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