Sunday, December 7, 2014

12 days of bloggy christmas/day 7: ritz peppermint puff patties

On the 7th Day of Bloggy Christmas 
Miss Heather from My Sweet Mission gave to me 
Ritz Peppermint Puff Patties!
Ritz Peppermint Puff Patties by
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Hello, it's Heather again from My Sweet Mission. Today I'm bringing you another delicious Christmas treat for your holiday dessert platters! Do you love sweet & salty treats? I do too!! So I whipped up some peppermint patties with dark and white chocolate, a crisp little snowflake Ritz cracker inside and crushed peppermint puffs sprinkled on top. Oh, they were so good! Now, if you're wondering what is a Peppermint Puff? Well, they're made by Red Bird and they're light, airy and literally melt in your mouth! And they give these Ritz Peppermint Puff Patties just the right amount of peppermint flavor. Oh, and a 4 ounce bag is only a $1.00 at most Dollar Tree Stores - score!
Ritz Peppermint Puff Patties by
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