Wednesday, December 17, 2014

santa and elf chocolates (from hershey kisses & eyeballs)

don't scroll down yet.
first read the title and imagine what these would look like.

are they the actual eyeballs of santa and his little elves?

now that would be interesting.

and kinda gross.
even if they are chocolates.

but heck i have no idea what to call these and i am sure no one would google "santa and elf eyeballs" anyway so whatev. 
i just made up the title cuz that's what they are.

did you imagine these?
yes i happened to still have a bag of halloween eyeballs leftover because i hoarded them.

i got this idea from my idea when i made witch kisses this past halloween.
but for good reason as you saw.
here's how it went:
it's like the pupil is a target just waiting for that glue.
eyeball veins.
gotta love 'em.

ok so i know those vein thingies may bother some people and i actually tried to cover them up with white paint sharpie but then thought "Oh good Lord, why bother?" 

if poor santa and his elves want to have eyeball veins then 
so be it. 
i will just call them stringy red hair or stress out veins from all the holiday-to-do they have on their list and then 
just move on.

but one way to hide those eyeball veins is to grab some kleenex tissue and do the following:

and there you have it.

i think the christmas greeting makes up for the eyeball veins after all (?!?)


  1. Oh Lisa, you always amaze me with your creativity, I too think I have hoarded a few chocolate eyeballs... :)

    1. oh gosh thank you!!! and i KNEW you'd have some eyeballs somewhere Kim! with both our supplies mixed together we could probably open up a giant store! (shhh don't tell my hubby that!) :>O

  2. No, I didn't even come close to picturing what you've done! I was thinking those 'googly' eyes just popped on a kiss. Silly me! That would be what I would think! It takes the creativity of my BBFF to come up with the real thing!! I have no chocolate eyeballs from Halloween, but maybe there is a round chocolate SOMETHING I could use in their place. Hmmmm....all I've seen are wrapped in red and green. This might have to wait until next year, after I score some eyeballs. Interesting line...."score some eyeballs".......time to move on! Love ya, girl! Dona

    1. LOL! you always make me laugh Dona, even if it's about scoring eyeballs! i looked everywhere for white foil chocolates which i found snowmen but most of them were decorated on more than 1/2 the ball thus the eyes have it! get it, the eyes have it? LOL :>D no wonder we're BBFFs!!!

  3. OK ... you fooled me! I was thinking candy eyeballs. You were so clever to use your hoarding to your advantage! Smart and cute idea :)

    1. just another reason to hoard more stuff even if my hubby would disagree-HA! thanks SO much Brenda! :>D

  4. Okay, I already saw them on facebook so I cheated:) I never would have guessed though! I think these are so adorable and the twisted tissue is the perfect touch, with or without the veins. :)

    1. HAHA! i dunno Sue...santa and elves with veins sound weird. thank goodness for pictures to prove us wrong! and it's a miracle i even posted them on facebook cuz i am SO lame in the social media department-LOL :>O


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