Tuesday, May 6, 2014

queen and princess cake pops (for mother's day)

being  a mom is one of the BEST and MOST challenging things in life.
i LOVE LOVE LOVE my kids and perhaps that fact in itself is why i sometimes go INSANE trying to get them on the right path.

God bless my mom in heaven for raising 7 of us.
i don't think i would pass year 1 with 7 kids.
shoot me now.
she was and is an angel that amazes me.

i must try something different to keep my sanity. 
like making more treats to honor ALL moms.
because Lord knows we could all use a treat.

now these are just cake pops which you can find tutorials all over blogland to make ordinary cake pops so i am just gonna show you the details on how an oval shaped cake pop with a candy glued sunflower seed at its center can turn into a pretty cool unordinary treat.

tootsie rolls? 
how about reducing some of the botox in her lips?...
(ugh. not sure what a "toosie" roll is but if that works, then hey let's go for it 
(aka too tired to re-edit the pic!) :>P

hooray! now she is royalty.
oh gosh! she's right. we're not done yet...
nothing like a little makeup 
(aka food markers) to fix things up.

now how about some jewelry?
hey let's share our beauty secrets 
with other stressed out moms.

ok, we have no more tootsie rolls!
but no fear, 
we do have mini marshmallows and chocolate bark...
i dipped the cake pop in chocolate for her hair 
before i added her "bun crown".

the blonde princesses are ready.
and so are the redheads.
my they are all lookin' fine! 

hey show us that hair again will ya?
Ooo! she's gone and done the Beyonce with the wind fan 
(at least when Beyonce had long hair)!

so the queens gather together.

all queens? ok.
and they called all their princesses.
to gather together for the 
Mother's Day Ball.
a night where all children clean their rooms and all hubbies cook dinner for a week and clean the house.
uh oh. the paparazzi has arrived at the ball.

and they danced the night away and had the time of their lives at the Mother's Day Ball then they went home to their clean homes, loving families and comfy beds.
and before they closed their eyes at night, they remembered that being a mom 
IS the best darn thing that can happen to a person. 
and they wouldn't trade it for the world. 
hair or no hair.
YOU are beautiful.

and to that, i end with this, 
you wonderful mom you.


  1. Question: So when does a happy, "goofy-fun-times" blog make a mommy tear up?
    Answer: When she reads THIS post!
    Awww.....so sweetly expressed and such pretty Queen Mommies! Every little detail is wonderful.
    But for the record, I have never experienced a "Mother's Day Ball" nor do I know anyone who has! Maybe this will be the first year I'm invited!
    And finally, if you think motherhood is great (and it is!) just you wait for GRANDMOTHERHOOD! Now that phase of your life will blow your mind!
    Happy Mother's Day, Lisa! You are amazing. A mom, a nurse, a wife, a creative blogger....you get right over to that ball because you are, indeed, a queenly person!

    1. you know Queen J, sometimes you get a comment on your blog that just touches you and confirms the real reason why we blog in the first place. such is what happened to me when i read yours. i love ALL comments but yours is more than just a comment. you write in a way that touches my heart and i thank God for you everyday. i hope and pray one day i will be as good a grandma as you, making memories for the grandkids so they in turn will do the same for theirs. you make each day count. XO

    2. oh and we couldn't have a Mother's Day Ball without you. even if it's make believe, i enjoy dancing with you :)

  2. Oh Lisa, you've done it again...made me smile, they are the cutest! I love how you made the crowns - Happy Mother's Day!

    1. it's a smile fest all around Kim! :>D :>D :>D i KNOW you are an exceptional mom and person too-creative beyond words, innovative, and simply wonderful. the happiest of Mom's Day to you too! <3

  3. Hi Lisa - You are a serious smile today! Thank you so much for sharing a fun project and fun story. I am secretly hoping that you will be making something patriotic for our Patriot's Palooza party coming up - it wouldn't be a party without you!!! Happy Mother's Day! Hugs, Holly

    1. YAY! i'm so happy you joined in on the smiles here Holly! thank you so much! now you got me thinking about something patriotic that hopefully will put another smile on your face:>O i'll keep my fingers crossed :)

  4. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful project on The Inspiration Board at homework. You were featured in the spotlight!
    Have a wonderful weekend.
    carolyn ~ homework

  5. Very cute! I would love it if you joined and contribute your awesome posts at my link party at City of Creative Dreams on Fridays :D Hope to see you there at City of Creative Dreams Link Party.

    1. Ooo! another link party? i am so there! thanks for the invite Creative Dream! :)

  6. Lisa,
    What an amazing post! I couldn't agree more that being a mom is the best and most challenging job in the world! Your cake pops are brilliantly creative as usual. I hope you had wonderful Mother's Day!

    1. i hope you had a nice mommy's day too! and thank you SOO much Aida for the sweetness! :) i do think that i probably should used pink tinged candy melt so they wouldn't look so ghastly white but hey maybe after the ball they can go to the beach and work on their tan? lol :>D

  7. These just made me laugh! They are absolutely adorable...loved the little dialogue going on too. Thanks a bunch for sharing these at my Creative Ways Link Party. I hope you'll be back with more fun posts this week.

    1. thank you thank you Nici! if these made you laugh then my job's done here-lol :) so happy you like them and thanks again for your party! :)


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