Monday, May 19, 2014

my writing process: BLOG TOUR

hi guys!
today i am doing something a little different. 
i am participating in what's called a 
which basically is a "tag-you're-it" kinda post to get to know what's behind some of the writing process on a blog.
i was lucky enough to be asked by Holly, the brilliance behind the uplifting and courageous blog,
i LOVE her outlook on life and how adversity has made her into a powerful, strong, and inspirational woman who can uplift not only those with cancer, but all of us.
she is also the author of 2 books where she shows her brilliance!
wowza! :)
so if you are in need of encouragement or just want something to uplift you, go check her out here.

in the meantime, i guess it's my turn to 
answer the blog tour questions.

What Am I Working On?
laundry laundry and more laundry.
so i am trying to talk my family into joining a nudist camp so this eliminates a lot of my time washing, drying and folding clothes not to mention putting it away since no one knows where their closet and drawers are in their room, thereby giving me more time for crafts.
oopsies-sorry i got a little carried away with that. i am supposed to be talking about my BLOG and WRITING!
currently i am working on a graduation party for one of my closest friend's son, attempting to clean my hurricane decorated craft room, and also making some summer food and crafts for an end of year party at work.

but for my brain, it never stops.
like NEVER!
it has been known several times to wake me up in the middle of the night and give me ideas i never knew existed. then upon my waking hours i resort to the craft room or kitchen and start making stuff like a craft zombie who can't get enough.
in dreamland, i am writing my 5th craft book, only second to martha stewart, and creating new episodes for my tv craft show that has all the colors of the rainbow and those in between found in an overabundance of craft supplies in an outrageously organized room. 
my kids and hubby are wearing whatever they want cuz they have their own personal laundry lady and it's not me.

How Does My Work Differ From Other of its Genre?

i get bored when it comes to crafts. 
meaning i take what i see and try to make something different from it. i don't know why my mind wanders elsewhere when i see something i like, sometimes i wonder why i just can't make things simple, but i guess that's not me.
and once in awhile i post a recipe but that has to be a 7 out of 5 stars for me to do that.
as far as crafting with hot glue or candy glue, i get all giddy and childlike when i make stuff that's never been seen or ever made before. i like to keep things fresh and exciting when it comes to making stuff. 

seems the more i create, the more ideas i get and the more fun we have around here. i want people to get excited and do a "whoop whoop!" when they see me in their inbox. well, ok maybe not to that extent but i do want people to be excited.  
i never intended for this blog to be 95% tutorials but it just ended up being that way. i don't write too much about my personal life cuz i'm just a private person i guess. 
i don't like to write a lot about work and family stuff-this blog is totally for FUN. period.

Why Do I Write What I Do?

life's hard man and in my line of profession, nursing comes with a lot of heartache and stress. i've been doing it for the last 29 years and i needed some FUN! 
good clean fun.
i've been making stuff since i was ant high so i guess it's just in my blood. you know that saying 
"do what you love, love what you do?" 
well that's why i blog. 
and as far as nursing goes, that's another story i will spare you.

How Does Your Writing Process Work?

no clue. duh. or is it
that's just it. i create in the craft room or kitchen, take pics, and then sit down to write and edit the pics with no clue how it is going to come together. i think that is due to time constraints and the demands of family and career life that give me no choice to think about the how, what, where and when of writing beforehand. there are many times i shake my head at myself and ask where all the insanity comes from. but that's what makes it cool y'know? it's the one time that "get-all-my-ducks-in-a-row-OCD-organizer-planner-type-A-personality self" can actually relax and be spontaneous! 
i also write the post, let it sit for a day and come back to read it. if i don't laugh at myself or find something that will inspire others, i delete it and start over. 
yup, i'm anal like that.

Who’s Next?
it's Cindy of 
Little Miss Celebration!
ok can i tell you about this lady a sec?
i discovered her blog recently and it was LOVE at first sight! i mean, all you have to do is read the title of her blog and if you love celebrating, then this is the place to go.
she's got crafting, baking, beauty tips, and more! Cindy's projects always seem so bright and cheery to me :)
here's just a sample of her awesomeness:
spring pom-pom topiaries

santa face door hanger reinvented

caramel pecan milkshake shooters in chocolate cups

lemon-lime curd in sugared wonton cups

map your skin care needs before you buy products
see what i mean?
you're in love too right?!
so go check her out here at Little Miss Celebration and 
show her some love!

ok so for me, i guess that's it in a nutshell. i basically gave you no clue about my writing process since 
i am clearly clueless myself.
so i guess you gotta keep coming back to see if i ever get a clue and i will keep heading off to craft land in my kitchen or hurricane room and keep doing what i love.
here's to soul feeding.


  1. Hi Lisa - So glad to have you as part of the tour and I love the behind the scenes look at your creative blog. Thank you for your positive and upbeat contribution to the world and especially all of your fun and unique crafts. I love your blog and am so glad to have found you! Hugs, Holly

    1. thank YOU Holly! like i said, i'm the lucky one here. when i started blogging i had no idea how many connections you get-SO happy we met too! :>D

  2. Very fun to read how it's done, all that creativity coming to life. I feel a connection to you and your blog and love it all! :)

    1. thank you! and the connection is very real Kim! i mean your garage full of supplies is like my twin and we both think candy and packaging are the cat's pajamas! LOL :>D

  3. I enjoyed this little tour into how your creative process works! I had the feeling that your brain is always reeling with unique, fun ideas! :) You and your blog make me happy, Lisa!

    1. and TOTALLY like wise Sue! THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH! :)

  4. I can identify with so much of what you said! I wish I could set aside cooking and cleaning for just crafting away all day long! One thing you said really describes your blog perfectly. You not only TRY, but you SUCCEED at introducing things that are fresh and exciting. There are not too many out there who manage to have one creative hit after another like you do! And as for your writing style - it just flows from one word to the next, like a conversation would if we were standing side by side and constructing something very clever! - and we're far too happy and excited to bother with capital letters - I adore that part!

    1. oh my J! you certainly have a way with words. i'm not sure how i started on the no capital thing, it wasn't intentional so maybe i was just too lazy to hit the shift key? lol i dunno. but i do appreciate that you not only like my crafts but my silly writing too! sometimes i think i am more humorous in my writing than i am in actual person but i guess nursing requires some sort of seriousness-i mean it wouldn't exactly be nice to look at someone hurt or sick and make a joke of it-lol just kidding! :>O anyway, i purposefully try to challenge myself to think of different stuff cuz i get slightly annoyed at looking at the same craft over and over-i search desperately sometimes in my 1000+ blog feed for something new and inspiring! guess i am way picky?! :>D

  5. So I wake up in the middle of the night and while I'm trying to go back to sleep, I realize I haven't had my BBFF in my Inbox for a while! So I pop on your blog and see I've missed this! So I'm gonna "resubscribe". I'd rather get you twice than not at all! Now.....I'll go back and read this post.....

    1. OMG! i am still, trying to process all wake up in the middle of the night and check out my blog?!?!?! :>O!!!! AND you resubscribe knowing it could be twice?!?!?! :>O
      call 911 cuz i just died from happiness from my BBFF!!!
      NO WAIT!...
      let me be so i can soak in the happiness and thank you Dona, a truly wonderful blessing in my life! XO :>D

  6. Lisa, I am so late getting here but can I tell you how much I just LOVED this post? So much fun and I totally love getting to know more about you. I knew you were funny but are going to be one impossible act to follow. :) You are too sweet to share some of my projects, thank you. The people you care for every day are so very fortunate and I know your wonderful spirit and personality positively impact their healing process. Thank you so much for sharing - have a happy, happy weekend! xo

    1. Cindy! you are too sweet :>D! i hope my readers are drawn to your blog, as it is a bit of sunshine that shines brilliantly! i had no idea how much joy blogging could give me and the great connections one gets from other bloggers such as you and Holly. and how can i be an impossible act to follow when you have your projects such as the ones i highlighted be SOOOOO awesome?! :>D GIANT hugs to you and happy memorial day too! <3


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