Tuesday, November 13, 2018

turkey topped serving spoons

turkey day is NEXT week.

whadda what?!
i am completely behind in my thanksgiving posts!

so let's get to it and have them 
do all the talking!
(i saw them leaving walmart with this)

(throw it away!)

(spoons were only 97 cents!)
(whoa! cut that tag off!)
TA DA!!!
well lookie there-this post was about eating after all! 
those silly turkeys, 
they think they're happy now...
but do they know where their bodies went?!...


  1. Oh, girl, that's REEELY cute! And imagine how many holidays this idea could be used for! Cuz they make those headbands with EVERYTHING on them! So I want to know the answer to the turkey's question....whatcha gonna do with the leftover headband?? Dona

    1. yup they do make headbands out of everything Dona! guess we're gonna have a lot of serving spoons eh? lol you could remove the springy things from the headband and brown felt covering and start fresh with a new headband but i just ended up throwing it away cuz i have toooo much stuff already! ;>O

  2. These are super cute, easy and WOW You are amazing

  3. Haha..Lisa! Where are those bodies!!? These spoons are so cute for all the yummy Thanksgiving dishes!! Happy Thanksgiving!!

    1. LOL i think we can find the bodies on our dining room table Karen! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!!! :>D


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