Friday, November 16, 2018

from the archive: pilgrim cookie men

we're getting closer to the big feast day!
but heck i cannot bring myself to make any treats right now until at least the with that in mind, i am reposting these cookies baaack from where i originally posted them here.

i crack up everytime i read this. 
what a knucklehead i was am!

if you hadn't guessed by now, i like writing crazy posts. 
so for this, i wanted to thank the pilgrims and indians who gave our country a holiday for all of us to sit back and be thankful for all our blessings in life.
in a ship with little elbow room,
on a trip that wasn't exactly leisurely.
it was a long, cold, tiring trip to America.
but they made it. 
and after a long struggle, 
the first Thanksgiving was born.

all because of 
so in honor of our brave pilgrims, 
i decided to make some.

if you google pilgrim hat cookie images, there are a million pics.
they are all so darn cute but i wanted the hats on the pilgrims. 

so i grabbed these to make the hats.
it's just a matter of melted candy gluing the reese's cup to the oreo and then making the buckle outta starburst or even tootsie rolls.

but if you wanna make the faces, use this mold.
(i took these pics outta a halloween post i did last month and was too lazy to take another candy mold pic again)
after his hat is on,and eyes are glued,
do this next:
not quite done yet...
he looked funny to me with no body.
no prob. let's do this!
not only could you have these for an after dinner treat, but you could also write your guests' names on the washi tape instead of "happy thanksgiving" and make them your placecards or use them as name cards for your dessert table.

it's myles standish and his crew.
thanks guys for giving us my husband's favorite holiday and for us to take a breather from life and be thankful for all that we have.
blessings to all of you for a wonderful holiday :)


  1. Ack! I love these! no time now, but pinning!! Dona

    1. i get what you mean by "no time" as this is an archived post and i have very little time to make a new one! LOL thanks so much for pinning Dona! :>D


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