Friday, March 23, 2018

easter basket with mini bunny and chicks cake pops

i'm making up for st. patty's day 
when i was sad about not getting to 
make any rainbow treats.
so i needed a super cute treat to make me feel better.

how's 'bout some easter basket with 
mini bunny and chicks cake pops sound?
it all started when i was at michael's and saw this:
ohhh i die!
so i started to make cake pops like this,
shaping the cake pops into oval shapes 
with large center ditches then dipping them like so in melted chocolate.
when you dip, scoop the chocolate like a spoon 
and then turn them over to shake the excess chocolate off to get the ditch.

after the cake pops dry, melt some green candy melt and use a toothpick to add the grass as shown. 
then quickly add the bunny,chick, and some nonpareils to resemble candy in the basket.

lastly, add some more green candy melt for the grass detail like so to get your mini easter basket!

i dunno...
it still needs something in my eye. 
so if you're crazy like me and don't wanna leave them like this then do this:
look how cool.

but wait, i dunno.
 it still needs something in my eye.

so if you're crazy like me and don't wanna leave them like this then do this:

then tie with a little ribbon.
to get mini easter baskets on a stick!

so there ya go,
you can do them up plain or crazy weaved in a bag.
either way, hide these cuz peter cottontail is gonna steal them for their cuteness if you don't!


  1. Hope I haven't missed anything....been on a road trip to NM to see family! But sure glad I didn't miss this! Oh, my, word. Girl, these take the cake. Or cake pop. Gotta hit Michael's today! Easter Bunny will go on strike if you keep this up!!! Dona

    1. LOL! sorry not sorry i keep sending you to the stores Dona! hope you had a wonderful time with your family! happy happy easter!!! :>D

  2. How cute. I love how you poked the lollipop stick through the bag and tied it up top.


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