Wednesday, March 7, 2018

bloom where you are planted scalloped sign

i know it's winter in some places but here in fl. it's either summer, summer, or summer.

nevertheless, as we are heading into the spring season, 
i'm gonna embrace it with a spring pic to celebrate this gorgeous weather we've been having.

today i'm gonna show you how i made this 
bloom where you are planted scalloped sign.
it all started with a trip to hobby lobby 
where i found this on clearance:
i immediately fell in  love with the scalloped edges and knew i had to have it even though there are 
no little ladies at our house. lol
so i painted the whole thing white.
and drew some tulips from inspiration here.
then i got my acrylics out and started painting.
after i painted the leaves and stems i started on the flowers then got cross eyed and decided to outline them first.
i'm a color fanatic so of course i had to use all kinds of colors in the tulip garden.
i just used a sharpie for the outlines.
then i made a vinyl sticker phrase on my cricut.
and there ya have it.

the "bloom where you are planted" is a sentimental quote for me as my parents who are in heaven always said that. 
so for now i  am trying to bloom as best i can :)


  1. KEEEE-UTE! And sentimental, too! Unfortunately, I can barely draw my breath, let alone a tulip! So I'll just enjoy yours. Dona

    1. LOL keep breathing BBFF! i'm hardly in my blogging world these days but promise I will get back to ya! :)

  2. It turned out beautiful, at first I thought it was like a paint by number on a board and then realized YOU drew and painted it! Fantastic!

    1. haha i haven't done those paint by numbers forever! thanks Kim :>D

  3. Lisa!! This may be my favorite craft you've created! Your sign is beautiful and screams, "SPRING"!! What an artist you are! Have a lovely Easter in sunny Florida! :)

    1. KAREN! you gave me all kindsa warm fuzzies! thanks SOOO much!!! :>D happy easter to wonderful you and your family! <3


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