Sunday, April 1, 2018

easter craft party 2018

hope you are all spending this joyous day 
with loved ones :)

last week i had a wonderful celebration with some loved ones too,
namely 20 or so others at an easter brunch craft party.
we had a huge brunch full of 
breakfast casseroles, fruit, yogurt, eggs and more carbs.

then after our big meal we got to making some crafts. 
first up was an easter spring floral wreath,
one of the blog posts i meant to write about but after you see all the easter celebrating we did, i kinda was well...tired. lol
you'll see in a bit how we put all these craft materials together.

i also had a craft table for the kids too,
with egg dying, wood painting, and pom pom easter animal making.
the next craft us ladies did was a stenciled diy hand towel
which i made everyone their own towel.
craft #3 involved egg marbling.
they did an awesome job but really messy job with this one. lol
in between our craft making we had some sweets too.

it was an incredible amazing day of fun fun fun!
i mean, look at all the stuff we made!

so now that easter is finally here, 
i plan on chilling out with the easter bunny,
eating jelly beans, and praising God above 
for all the blessings He gave us including YOU!



  1. Wow! You must have been a busy little rabbit! My invitation must have gotten lost in the mail. Happy Easter, girl! Dona

    1. yes i was a busy little rabbit and could use a bunch more bunnies to help me put everything away! LOL but it was super fun and beautiful out that day. gosh darn wish the mail was better for ya Dona! lol ;>P

  2. Your friends and family are so luck to have you. What an amazing party!!!!

    1. my friends think i'm nutty but they do love my parties! lol thanks you so much Beth :)

  3. Wow..this party looks like so much fun! You are the party queen! I love the Floridian setting and..well, everything else too! Happy belated Easter to you and your family, Lisa. :o)

    1. and Happy Bleated Easter to you too Karen! my fave part about living in FL is the weather in Jan-March with highs of 60-70's. the rest of the year i can live without! LOL but these parties i cannot, as i have more fun than a barrel of bunnies! heehee

  4. I can't even believe my eyes...wait yes I can! You are amazing and your friends and family must have loved the day!

    1. i know i'm party wacko! and i'm having ANOTHER and ANOTHER and ANOTHER in the next 2 months! holy schmoly my schedule is crazy but i love it! LOL thanks again Kim! :>D

  5. Looks like everyone had a lot of fun and good things to eat. Thanks for sharing at #HomeMattersParty

    1. we all had a blast! thank YOU so much for coming by and for your party Donna! :)

  6. This looks like it was such a fun party for everyone! Love the decor and food choices! Thanks for sharing with Party in Your PJs :)


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