Friday, February 9, 2018

valentine fudge boxes

fudge fudge call the judge...
hey you oldies like me, remember that jump rope song?
well, how 'bout we talk regular fudge instead, as in,
Valentine Fudge Boxes.
this is an easy fun food gift you can give to all your galentine buddies.

it starts out with my fave easy peasy fudge recipe of chocolate chips and a can of frosting for one batch of creamy fudge.

for this i made 2 batches.
here's all ya gotta do:

i had this mold forever and can't remember where i got it 
but here's a very similar one here.

once the mold was filled i had some more 
fudge leftover so i just did this:
that's cupcake liners! ugh.

anyway, i made some strawberry flavored ones too.
only this time i spread it in a pan, chilled to set, then cut out the heart shapes with a mini heart cookie cutter, and then rolled more balls with the leftovers.
then when they were all set, 
i got to sprinkling them all up.

then i grabbed a mini heart box from the dollar tree.
and i filled the box up with the fudge pieces.
so instead of regular chocolates they get this delicious, creamy, decadent, sweet, sprinkle topped, heart shaped, chocolate iced, box of homemade goodness. lol

it's just another reason why galentine's day is a whole lot funner than valentine's day.


  1. How fun to get a heart shaped box of fudge... decorated so cute!

    1. thanks Kim! i bet if you made these they'd look better than anything! :)

  2. What a sweet, yummy, and adorable idea, Lisa! I just love those pink hearts! :o)

    1. i like the pink hearts too Karen! they're even cuter in person :)


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