Sunday, February 11, 2018

conversation heart mats

today i have an easy peasy galentine craft that doesn't really need a how-to if you have a cutting machine.

they're conversation heart mats for 
a galentine's day celebration.
i found these at target's dollar spot.

and all i did was make up some galentine phrases on my silhouette with the arial font, reversed the letters before cutting, and used gold iron-on vinyl.
so here they are.

text me, you are a cutie, girl power, and cool chic.

i was not a cool chic nor a cutie when i first made these as i never follow directions on first tries cuz i am too impatient and excited to get on with the project.

nevertheless they came out and were a hit at my galentine party.

so hey now after being a cutie and a cool chic full of girl power, all that's left is this:
here's to a fun heart day for all gals and guys! :)


  1. So cute! Wonder if my Target has them? I'm going to be out and about today...I'll have to check! So....are we gonna get pics of your party??? Dona

    1. yes i'm working on that post as we speak! hope you found your mats Dona! :>D

  2. You are one cool chic... Love the mats!

    1. and you're one cool chic yourself too Kim! thanks so much! :>D

  3. What a cute idea! Thanks for sharing with Party in Your PJs!


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