Tuesday, February 6, 2018

fries before guys cake pops

this is a post for the ladies only cuz 
it would probably irk some guys.
it's cuz we are talking fries before guys.

in cake pop form.

fries before guys cake pops for all my gal pals out there.
all you need are some red candy melts 
and just 2 more ingredients.
some mini red velvet cupcakes you can get at target and 
some pocky sticks at world market.
don't they look like fries? 
yes i do believe they do.

ok so let's get started.
first remove 3/4 of the frosting off the top of each mini cupcake with a knife and smoosh the rest of the cupcake all together one cupcake at a time, and then form the little french fry boxes.
the lollipop heart sticks are from target. you'll be sticking one of those in each cake pop with candy melt for glue and allowing them to harden in the fridge or freezer just enough for dipping.

so while those are chilling out,
make your fries by just breaking off 
the tops of the pocky sticks.
no worries about getting a little bit of 
the chocolate on the sticks.
so once you have them all broken, sort them in small piles of 5-7 sticks so you can grab them quickly and add them to the cake pop before the candy melt dries like so:
as you can see i dipped the pocky sticks' chocolate ends into the french fry box and turned the pocky sticks so the weird oval circle thingies on the sticks don't show.

so look now you got a bunch of fry boxes!
wonder how many calories they are?!...
all that's left is to add detail with 
a food marker and you are done.
"fries before guys" is a much better phrase than 
imagine what those cake pops would look like? 


  1. Brilliant use of the Pocky Sticks! They look just like fries.

    1. they do only they're not as salty! LOL thanks a million Beth :>D

  2. I love it...Fries before Guys! What a creative idea for sure!

    1. it's all about the galentine Kim! a lot more fun i think, than regular ole valentines! lol ;>)

  3. You know, I had never heard that term until I bought my granddaughter a pair of socks for Christmas that had that on them. She loved it. This is even better cuz you can eat 'em! Pinned!!! Dona

    1. HA! well i guess unless you're a puppy that chews on socks ;>D but i do need to get a pair of those socks while eating one of these cake pops Dona! lol

  4. These made me laugh loud enough to startle my dog! Thanks so much for sharing with Party in Your PJs!

    1. LOL my apologies to your dog! so happy you like them Lynda and thanks for your party :>D


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