Friday, November 10, 2017

turkey reese's stroopwafel cookies

there are a million turkey cookies on the web.
so i decided to make it a million and one.

today i made some turkey reese's stroopwafel cookies for ya!
they are super duper easy peasy and 
making them is actually kinda fun. 
first get this:
do you or have you ever eaten stroopwafel cookies?

they're kinda cute, especially the mini ones.
these i got at home goods but 
i see them at world market all the time.
they are filled with caramel and although 
they look crunchy, they're more on the soft side.

anyway, they make great turkey bodies.
and sunflower seed candy make great...
so let's take some melted chocolate (i used a bit of almond bark i had not pictured on the supply list) and just start gluing away.
and lo and behold you just turned a waffle cookie and 
reese's cups into a bunch of turkeys.
i like these cuz they're little and you can put them as a placecard for turkey dinner.
you know when some people on social media see a food craft they get all "oh i ain't got time for that! who would spend so much time putting little candies on cookies?!?!"

well that would be me cuz until i find turkey cookies 
at the store, i'm gonna make 'em.
and as i give these to my sweeties in my life and they get a kick outta them i will wonder, why do some people have to be turkeys?!?


  1. Ah, Thanksgiving. So many things to be thankful, YOU! I actually bought all the stuff for a turkey cookie that I learned back in the.....uh, 80's?? Always thought they were the cutest thing ever. So, like...NOT! Get into the new century, Grani!! Pinning, for sure, my old turkey is ready to retire! Girl, you are the wattle on my turkey (that's supposed to sound like "cream in my coffee, or ....well, you get the idea)! Dona

    1. HAHAHA you crack me up and i must always be thankful for YOU as well, also the cream to my coffee and wattle on my turkey! LOL :>D

  2. these are just so cute! Thanks for sharing at C&C with J&J.

  3. love these so super cute
    come see us at

    1. thank you Angie and i'm coming over with some turkeys! lol :)


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