Friday, January 6, 2017

my top 16 posts for 2016

hey everyone! how were your holidays?
 hopefully you survived them with 
happy memories in mind.

mine were filled to the brim as per usual 
so i am currently taking a break 
from making anything but i did wanna do a 
traditional year end roundup of my most 
popular posts for 2016.
one thing i found was that you guys were into  
bunnies and "dogs" last year,
as easter fun and candy bark (thus the dog reference)
were viewed more than my usual doings,
and a couple of sticker crafts to boot.

here are the top 16 in no specific order.
(just click the green colored link at 
the bottom of each pic to to be taken 
to the original post.)

jeepers i forgot about these.
they're quick and easy cuz they're made 
from slacker ready-made dough.

ok these bunnies look like dogs but um...
i guess they could get away from lookin' like 
hipster bunnies cuz it was easter season after all.

and look bunnies again.
in egg shape. 
loaded with candy.

ok so what's up with all the bunnies?
with these, you can eat some bunny treats.

ahh here are some snowmen, 
which fit the season more appropriately.
and filled with hot cocoa to boot.

oh hey here's something for the 
next holiday coming up.
a sweetie pie for your sweetie pie or 
a cutie pie for your cutie pie.

oh my gosh!
more bunnies?!?!
yeah but heck i really and truly 
loved these so hope you don't mind 
the bunny accumulation.

looks like the green men had a place in the top 16 too.

ok so i gotta remember to make a lot 
of easter posts cuz this is the what, 
5th or 6th easter thing on the list?
and woof, it's bark.

lookie at the cutie rainbows.
maybe we should have a cutie pie to go with it.
or a dog cuz, it's bark. again.

hey here's something different!
when i looked back at this baby shower, 
my eyes bugged out.
holy cow i did a lot!

i have no idea how this 5 minute craft 
became so popular, 
as i was 99% not going to post it 
cuz i thought it was too simple.
looks like simple-minded me does not know better.

next time i make this fudge, 
i'm gonna use silicone molds.
 it'll be easier to push them out and look neater.
oh well, looks like you guys liked them anyway.

who let the dogs out?
woof woof woof.
it's more bark!

a sticker craft that goes along 
with the pineapple mini vases up there.
i almost didn't post these either 
due to the simplicity of it.

and finally these fun crafts.
:)   :>D   8<)   :>P

so that ends the year 2016. 
as we keep moving into 2017, 
here's to more fun blogging times with you. 
but first, 
i gotta put 99,000,000 boxes of christmas stuff away.
which is one of the top 16 things i hate to do. yikes!


  1. BBFF!!! I'm back! Been house/critter sitting since Dec 17th! But I see I missed several of your posts this year...I even checked the comments to see if I commented (cuz if I looked, I talked) and I just totally missed them! So....ding! Pinned! So glad you ran this post! Happy New Year my friend! Dona

    1. BBFF! welcome home! errr...i mean welcome back! although you know you are ALWAYS welcome to my home here as i surely missed you! hope you're holidays were grand! it's gonna be another happy new year as long as you're around :>D

  2. What a wonderful year you've had, I wish you the very best in 2017 !!

    1. thank you Kim! i hope to make it another wonderful one as well as check out all your wonderful makings on your blog too :>D

  3. Seeing your top 16, I realize that I must have missed some of your posts this year! You have been a very busy crafter..cute and yummy stuff! Happy 2017-enjoy your break-i love slacker cookie dough! ;)

    1. HAHA i may make more goodies with slacker cookie dough. and i must say, slacker cookie dough tastes better than some of the recipes i've tried on the web lol! i plan on reading all your posts for this year Karen as you make the sweetest stuff :>D


here's wishing for a stuffed comment box... :>D