Tuesday, March 1, 2016

happy cloud rainbow bark

"somewhere over the rainbow..."
well that seems like an appropriate song for 
this time of year right?

our weather lately has been down right G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S.
it just makes you throw your arms in the air 
like maria on sound of music and 

ok that was dramatic.
anyway, with all the cool weather & 
bright sunshine days we've been having 
around these parts,
it's hard to find a rainbow in the sky 
with no rain around.

so i made some.
with happy smiling clouds.

make some too, like this:
i used a pie pastry mat and placed some 
parchment paper over it.

i got the idea first when i saw these
cutie marshmallows:
you could use regular marshmallows cut up 
like clouds or even mini ones bunched together if you can't find these at marshall's like i did.

 i placed them like so 
so i could get an idea of how big i wanted 
my rainbows to be and how the clouds would fit.
i used the 12 inch circle pattern.
if you don't have a pastry mat, 
you can always draw a 12 inch circle
(or whatever size you want)
on the back of the parchment paper as a guide too.

next step is to gather your rainbow colors.
make a light bluish one too.
then pipe the light bluish candy as shown below, spreading it to cover the 
width of your 12 inch circle.

this will serve as the base of your bark
and won't be seen on the front,
so no worries about it being perfect.
then pipe on the rainbow.

but do it better than me cuz 
candy melts are at times difficult to maneuver,
not to mention that i am a P.P.
...aka Pathetic Piper.
next up, candy glue your clouds.
then cut in between the clouds as shown:
so you 'll get a cloud on 
each side of the 6 rainbows you cut.

but ya gotta make 'em happy of course
with the help of candy eyes and food markers.

oh look there's not a cloud in the sky.
but rather, there are tons of them.

and they're all happy smiling faces.
now that's my kinda weather.


  1. OK. Beyond brilliant, BBFF, how you made 6 at once. Beautiful! Bravo! Feel free to boast , not bewail, bemoan, or belittle, your best blarney yet! (oh brother) Bona....I mean Dona

    1. BAHAHA! if only there were Oscar awards for the best commenters, you would take top billing every time! i'm not even going to try to reply with a comment like yours, as yours is nothing but genuine genius Bona! oops i mean Dona...or is Bona short for BBFF/Dona?!?! :>O

  2. This is so scientific, blows my mind! So many rainbows I'm sure to find my pot of gokd!

    1. HAHA! i never really thought it was anywhere scientific but i guess when you're a mad scientist like me it just comes naturally? lol :>O thanks so much Kim! i should give you a pot of gold for being so sweet :)

  3. Your happy little rainbow clouds! Love these cuties..and loved the fact that we had zero rain on our trip to Disney last week. That was a first for sure..we always get wet! It was cool and windy but we'll take it. Did you happen to notice us waving as we passed by?! ;)

    1. yay! so happy mickey land was good for you and your family Karen! i thought i saw a sugartown hand waving at me! heehee ;)

  4. Too stinkin cute!

    Thanks for joining Cooking and Crafting with J & J!

    1. and you're too stinkin' sweet Jess! :) many thanks again!

  5. What adorable yummy clouds. These would look cute in an Easter basket. Thanks for sharing your happy clouds with us at the Over the Moon Link Party.

    1. thank you Sandy! hey i never thought to put them in an easter basket! :)


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