Tuesday, April 5, 2016

flower m&m rolo chocolate chip cookie cups

i took last week off from blogging 
just to enjoy the blooming flowers and trees.
actually i enjoyed them a little too much 
cuz the darn pollen crawled up my nose 
and boy oh boy i turned into a 
sneezing fiasco fit.
achoo! achoo! achoo! achoo! achoo!
over and over and over and over and over.

it was quite annoying actually,
as it drained a lot of energy outta me 
and prevented my brain cells from 
thinking up crafty things.

but now i am back,
and it's not cuz i stopped achoo-ing,
 it's only cuz i have grown accustomed 
to breathing out of my mouth or outta one nostril. 

so what did i do about it?
i made these flowers cuz i for one 
do not have a green thumb whatsoever.
and if you can't beat the darn flower pollen,
ya might as well join 'em.
and not like the constant weeding or 
watering or miracle growing thing 
that goes along with growing flowers, 
these babies can be yours in 20 minutes 
or less if you got really fast hands.

all you need are these:

bake cookies as directed in a mini muffin pan.
then as soon as you take them outta the oven,
now get those fast hands a movin'

corolla center?!
now how's that for flower knowledge?
and you thought i had no flower know how whatsoever!

(actually you are absolutely right...
i googled what do you call a flower center lol)

that way the petals can keep their position 
and not wiggle around when you remove the cookie.

don't they look cool,
like they are growing outta the ground?
what about now?
the cookies look like little pots.
so there you have it.
 i promised you a rose flower garden.
make these for a spring fling, mom's day or fancy schmancy tea brunch with your gal pals.

cool beans huh?
i mean cool flowers.

as for beans, 
i have no idea how to grow those either.


  1. I think I just gained 5 pounds looking at these! Thanks for sharing it at Talk of the Town - I'm giving you a shout-out on Facebook and pinned it to the Knick of Time party board!

    1. YAHOO! i am yahoo-ing for the pin and the shout-out, not your extra 5 pounds! lol thanks so much Angie! :)

  2. Replies
    1. thank you Amalia! thank goodness for the "almost" part cuz they sure are yummy, especially warm! :)

  3. Hey, Very awesome chocolate chips cookies
    I love it.
    Thanks for sharing ideas.

    1. oh thank you Rose! they'd be even more awesome for you if you use red m&m's to resemble a rose :>D!

  4. These flower chocolate chip cookies would be the only ones I could grow and I bet the smell is pretty amazing without any worry of allergies! Poor girl, I hope you're breathing easy soon!

    1. yes Kim there is nothing like warm cookie smell! darn it all i wish the world smelled like that, well at least during spring time! lol ;) thanks for the well wishes! :)

  5. This is so different!! I love the idea!!

    Melanie | Blog: Toots + Dill

    1. thank you Melanie! i really strive for different :)

  6. Super cute Lisa! Aaannnd..you used three of my favorite things!
    Of course the best part is no sneezing. Hope you're feeling better! :)

    1. thank you Karen! would you believe i am STILL sneezing?! guess i need to make another cookie to make me feel better! lol :>O

  7. How adorable! My kids would love these! Thanks for the idea :)

    1. thank you Cara for your "kindly spoken" comment! everyone can have a green thumb with these, including your kids! :)

  8. cookies, and flowers for spring! how wonderful! These look so easy to make.

    thanks for sharing at Talk of the Town.


    1. thank you Gail! yes they are a breeze to make-you can use your fave cookie recipe but i chose the lazy way out ;)

  9. Oh my mercy! These look so sinfully wonderful! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

    1. thank you Cindy! you could even substitute an upside-down kiss for the rolo to make it less sinful!?! :>O hehe

  10. Oh my these look so yummy but rich at the same time. Thanks for sharing on #overthemoon

    1. thank you Jennifer! yummy and rich is ok once in awhile right? ;)

  11. Very beautiful chocolate chip cookie cups
    I want to taste it.
    It looks like delicious cookies.

    1. if you have 20 minutes to spare in the kitchen, you can taste them too! thanks so much Robin :)


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