Monday, November 21, 2016

diy thanksgiving utensils

if you are looking for a thanksgiving craft 
that's quick, easy and practical, 
how about making some thanksgiving utensils?
all you need are these:

the stickers and rub-ons are from hobby lobby 
and the utensils from party city.

look how easy it is to make these:
and stick the sticker on.
and that's it in a nutshell.
or pecan pie or whatever you want it in.

you can mod podge the handles to avoid the rub-ons from rubbing off when you use them again.

oh of course you have to handwash these.

so here they are:
close-up of the forks:
the spoons: 
and the knives:
if you don't have rub-ons you can always 
write down family/friend names instead.
whatever way you choose,
here's to a wonderful thanksgiving 
to you and yours :)


  1. What a fun idea for the Thanksgiving table. I LOVE these, Lisa! I need to make a trip to Hobby-Lobby! I already have the wooden spoons!

    1. hooray for wooden spoons! and hobby lobby! my wallet drainer and the only place where it's acceptable for old ladies like me to buy stickers! heehee have a wonderful turkey day Karen!!! :>D

  2. WEll, my friend, my BBFF on the other side of the country, this is great! And we are always short of serving spoons! YOU, my dear, are STILL the best!! Dona

    1. i'm at the point of sooo many ideas swirling around my head and not enough time so this craft of 5 minutes is right up my alley. you have a wonderful thanksgiving BBFF! HUGS to you from the other side of the country! :>D


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