Tuesday, November 24, 2015

pie slice on a plate cookies

ok i only have 2 days to come up with a dessert menu for turkey day, as that is the job i was given for our family get together.

which only means it's:
ok so these aren't your typical pies.
well, they aren't even pies, 
and yes i have made them before here
so you aren't seeing double. 

the kids don't seem to get a kick outta pies as much as cookies so i went with this again.
only i made them a little teeny bit different this year.

here's the how-to:
you'll also need a scallop tart pan and a round cookie pan like this instead of the one i used (you'll see why if you keep reading).

oh and that's betty crocker cookie mix i bought.
you can use whatever sugar cookie mix you want though.
i was just being lazy.

i used a mixture of yellow and brown food gel for the next pie:

i just made cookies out of the leftover dough in a round cookie pan for the plate.
i think these are too thick and would make thinner cookies for sure next time but oh well, more cookie for the tummy!

i got the forks from party city 
but they only have clear ones online, 
but that would work too, as long as they are mini ones.
serve 'em up and every slice will stay intact, not like that crazy first piece of pie that likes to crumble on itself.
and there you have it.
making this is a piece of cake.
err, i mean cookie,
or do i mean pie?!


  1. Ka-Pow! Perfectly petite pies on a precious plate! (oh,no. not again. Thesaurus away!) Seriously, I wish I had time to make these for Thanksgiving! But you can bet they will show up around Christmas!! You ARE awesome! And I popped back to see where you originally made them.....I can't believe I didn't know you then! How my life has improved, BBFF!! Thanks! Dona

    1. ok Thesaurus Queen i bow down to your vocab intelligence-something that surpasses many of us! and to think i could've improved my vocab if i had known you back then as well BBFF! LOL :>D

  2. I would love to have a slice of your adorable pie cookies! :)

    1. only if you can teach me how to make perfect cookies every. single. time. like you do Kim...do you have a lifetime to teach me in my poor icing skills? lol :>O

  3. This is so cute and looks really yummy to I would love to try this thanks for sharing on Wake Up Wed.

    1. i hope you do get to make them someday Heather! they're kinda cute especially with that little fork. hehe :)

  4. These are super cute! My kids would love gobbling these up, and who wouldn't like a tiny pie?! Great work

    1. i could've had that tiny pie instead of that huge piece i had last night after Thanksgiving dinner Sandy! LOL thanks for stopping by and i hope you get to make them for your kids someday! :)

  5. I loved your pie cookies last year and bought the whoopie pie baking sheet to make them for this year - but once again - outta time at the last second! NEXT YEAR - for sure! (he he he!)

    1. that always seems to be the case for me too J but i think it's cuz i keep adding instead of subtracting to the list! :>O

  6. Oh my gosh...this all looks so cute!

    Thanks for joining Cooking and Crafting with J & J!


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