Sunday, July 21, 2013

i scream ice cream cake pops

hey hey hey!
it's national ice cream day!

so are you ready?!?!?!?
get your bubble gum out of your mouth and loosen up those vocal cords and get ready to join in.

let's do it on the count of 3.




FOR ICE CREAM!!!!!!!!!!!!

whoot whoot!

hey fantastic job guys! 
my ears are bleeding from the high pitched noise but that's ok. it was fun.

so why all the excitement?
i mean besides the fact that ice cream rules especially this time of year.

well, my excitement is cuz i get to be a part of a group of totally terrific cake pop bloggers thanks to the idea of Karyn of Pint Sized Baker and Kim of KC Bakes who are pretty much cake pop queens. actually the whole group is and i'm not really so it's a dag gone honor to be included in this ice cream cone cake pop post :)
doesn't it make you wanna scream for more? 
check 'em out here:

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you gotta check out all the awesomely awesome cool (literally) ice cream treats!
there are some really really helpful tutes and videos on these blogs as well, that give you step by step on how to make the basic cake pops.

this tute will give you some steps but it will help you to know how to make the basic cake pop before you attempt mine.

wanna see what i made?
word of warning though, they are super duper way out nutty kinda crazy treats.

it's cuz when Karyn asked me if i wanted to join in, all i could think of was that scream saying we just yelled out.

i can't help myself and my nutty brain.

anywho, here goes.
(i bought confetti mini cupcakes 
at walmart to make life easy!)
(ignore the chiclets by the way-i changed my mind in the process after i took the pic!)
for the stacked balls, leave them separate to chill on their own and not on top as shown.

then when they are ready for dipping, it's 
yes, you read that right.
yes you read that right.
a heart becomes a tongue.
GAHHH! it's ca-ca-crazeeeeeee!
  and makes me giggle every time i look at him.

let's make another kind!
i made a double scoop too using the same process.

hey now how 'bout the spilled kind?
any other kind of ice cream cone we can make?


i know! how 'bout a swirl kind??!?!
ok here's the whole cone kit 'n kaboodle.
that double scoop guys a little wonky...
oh well, just pretend he's melting.
no wonder he's melting!
it's only over 300 degrees outside.

dag blasted weather.
it's scary out there.

and speaking of scary, 
lemme tell you a story about these ice cream fellas ok?

ok, here goes.
(truth is i like playing with my silly food and my silly brain took over once again.)

so without further ado,
let's start already.

yup, you guys sure are.

and you got these guys so comfortable now, 
they even posed for a group shot.
i just love happy endings!
don't you?


  1. Lisa - I'm so happy you're guys made it through the night without injury! They are amazingly cute as only you could do!

    1. oh my goodness thank YOU Kim!!! it was a dark and scary night but with the help of a cake dome, these guys did survive...but i won't tell you what happened in the day...(burp!) :>D

  2. Hahhahaa, these facessss!

    Absolutely adorable!

    1. i've gotten to the point now niner where i can't look at a cone without seeing it scream at me.
      so i eat it and put it out of its misery. HAHAHA :)

  3. Awesomely, cleverly, brainlessly, charmingly, lovingly, inventively, skillfully, sagaciously, giftedly, resourcefully, and quick wittledly BRILLIANT!!!! I've always thought the sombreros were my fave, but now they have competition! You are amazing,...........oh, don't get me started again! Love you girl! Your BBFF! Dona

    (wait! Brainlessly? that's not right! I mean brainily! Oops. that's not a word. How about smartly? Yeah, that's the ticket!)

    (sagaciously....can you tell I actually DID use a Thesaurus??!!)

    1. WHOA i was definitely brainlessly when i read sagaciously so i googlely-ed it. LOL! now i learned a new word today and thank you Dona endlessly!!!!
      oh hey how about a screaming ice cream head wearing a sombrero hat? .......naw that would not be too smartly! :>D

  4. ahhh...hahahahaha! I love these screaming cake pops! How fun. They are so amazing and your cartoons are always so funny. Thanks so much for joining us again! It wouldn't be the same without you!

    1. oh Karyn! you had me screaming for joy when you asked me to join in! i can't thank you enough knowing you are one of my cake pop idols! :>D

  5. These are sooooooo cute and adorable and FUN!!

    1. thank you so much Winnie! i kept giggling as i was putting these together and my kids thought i was losing it! heehee :>D

  6. So incredibly cute! Thanks for sharing with us this week at Monday Funday!

    Take care,


    1. and you're so incredibly nice Trish! thank you so much :)

  7. Oh my word the little ice cream mouths are adorable!! (Never thought I'd use that phrase in my life... But glad you made me do it!) what a cute change from the boring cake-pop norm!!

    1. HAHA you made me giggle Veronica :) i like doing non-boring stuff seeing as i get bored easily.:>P
      thanks for stopping by! :)

  8. Haha - these are great. I love the little pink guy ;)

    1. he does look insane doesn't he Sarah? all these guys seemed to take on a personality of their own, even the little ones on the triple scoop and i didn't even plan on that! LOL thanks SO much for stopping by! :>D

  9. your animation was hysterical!

    1. HAHA glad you appreciate my nuttyness Melinda! :>D

  10. These are great! I love how you used premade cupcakes! At first I thought you had used mini donuts! I love how they are screaming!!

    1. thank you Michelle! i wanted to get past the cake pop part and get right to decorating them-they came out hilarious to me-now i wonder what they would look like if i used donuts!?! :)

  11. Hi Lisa
    These are just toooo cute. You are awesome. Thanks for sharing our creative brain at our Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop.
    Angel @ sewcraftyangel

    1. gee whiz thank you Angel! you are toooo nice! and thank YOU for your party too! :)

  12. Love the dress! New follower via gfc from Thursday Favortite Things Blog Hop! Would love to have you follow me back.

    1. dress? i'm kinda confused but that is pretty easy to do. anywho, i'll follow you back Rikki! thank YOU soooooo much!!! :>D

  13. LOL Those faces are so cute and funny! Thanks for making me smile at Submarine Sunday!

    1. they are super silly aren't they? and thanks for making me smile back T'onna! :>D

  14. Saw your post linked-up over at Flamingo Toes -- definitely caught my eye! What an outrageously fun edible project. Love it!

    1. wowza thank you Jenn! considering all the links at that party that is quite an honor! yippee! :)

  15. Hilarious. So stinkin' funny. Love it...thanks so much! :) Thanks for linking up with Make Bake Create!

    1. yay! glad they made you giggle Sarah! i had a hard time eating these-they did seem to actually scream at me-LOL! :>D

  16. LOL LOVE the detail on the faces! Another fabulous winner from your never-ending list of fun, fun, FUN!

    1. i can't even look at these guys without shaking my head! they are just so darn crazy looking. and i LOVE that you come by and leave me such a nice comments! you are honestly so sweet sweet sweet J! thank you ever SO much! :>D


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