Tuesday, June 27, 2017

uncle sam centerpiece

so i was at the dollar tree today
buying some cheap batteries when 
i spotted a few things. 
so at the end of the day, i made this for 3 bucks.

an uncle sam centerpiece.
so this is what i bought:
and i grabbed by paint pens.
inspired by this clip art,
i got to work.
then i cut a triangle out of 
shiny cardstock to fit in the vase.
and i shoved it in like so:
then for the next steps, 
i...dang i'm tired...

can i just show you the rest 
of the tute with pics?

uncle sam says go right ahead cuz 
it's a free country!
okey dokey.

ok next time, i won't talk so much ;)


  1. So, you walk into Dollar Tree, see, what? The hats? And bam! Your mind goes right to a vase and Uncle Sam. How do you do that??? BBFF, you are amazing and I love this!!! Might just have to make a trip to my DT today! Dona

    1. LOL i don't know Dona! you always told me i have a scary brain. i think it leaves my body and comes back with the info. hehe ;>D

  2. LOL I never leave the dollar store with only what I went in for! Love your $3 centerpiece!!!

    1. i think if we ever shopped together Kim, the store could take the rest of the week off from all the profits they made from us lol :)

  3. Thanks so much for sharing your fun craft idea with us at #Overthemoon. I have shared on social media. Have a great week and see you at next week’s link up! Sue from Sizzling Towards Sixty & Beyond


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