Friday, April 7, 2017

mini carrot pretzel dipper sticks in carrot containers

were you a carrot fan when you were 
first introduced to them?
i don't remember myself, 
and if they are good for the eyes,
then i certainly should've eaten a ton 
of them cuz without my glasses 
i am pretty much blind. lol

here's a kind of carrot that i think 
most folks and all kids are gonna like.

mini pretzel dipper sticks in carrot containers. hehe 
let's check out how to make these carrot cuties.

first you'll need these kinda pretzels that can be found at walmart.

and some orange and green candy melts.

ok here we go.

ok so i got the carrot containers 
from my fave oriental trading company and it looks like eeek! they are sold out but 
keep an eye out for them cuz they may come back! 
you can get these instead and i bet they 
would be cute too cuz they are see thru.

anyway, the dipper sticks are the perfect size for the carrot containers i have.

so let's move on:
draw some eyes to match your candy eyes.
next up:

cool huh?
who knew a toothpick could be so helpful.
now you need a knife to make details.
just carve out a smile and carrot detail
 lines once the entire carrot is dry.
and there you have made a vegetable outta a pretzel.
who'da thunk?
now we just need a home for our carrots.

hey this smiling guy looks available.
there ya go.

make a bunch and pass it out
 to your sweeties telling them
"don't forget to eat your veggies cuz
 i carrot a lot about you!"

i bet they'll ask for seconds!
but for now, the carrots will hide til
 the easter bunny hunts them down, or better yet, 
til you get 'em!


  1. I love those carrot cuties and I even have the pretzels! The way you made the stem is so clever!!

    1. thank you Kim! y'know i'm not an expert icing piper like you so i had to come up with my own way! 😁 LOL

  2. You sure manage to be an expert, no matter what you are doing!! These are perfect for a 'healthy' Easter basket! So let me tell you a carrot story! My granddaughter and her family were out and about and happened to go by a field where they had just finished harvesting the carrots. Her hubs asked the guy if they could go pick up the ones that were still on the ground. Guy says sure! We have a picture of my great-granddaughter holding one that is at least 2 feet long and probably as big around as the small end of a baseball bat! I actually saw it in real life! I also helped her peel and blanch them for freezing. Fun. OK. That's all. Dona

    1. WOW!!!! i'd have to use a mega chunk of chocolate to cover that 2 footer up! lol or maybe that's the size of carrot i need to eat to fix my eyes?! thanks for that story Dona! you always know how to cheer me up :)


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