Tuesday, March 14, 2017

st. patty's day pot of gold rolo bags

ok i know i'm on a rainbow role so 
i might as well continue with it.
here we have a cute pot of gold bag 
filled with rolo candy :)
it's guaranteed to make the recipient 
feel awfully lucky!

so put on your best clint eastwood face 
and ask that someone,
"are ya feelin' lucky?" 
and then hand them one of these.

oh i guess i better show you how to make them first right?
it's your lucky day.

first, download this free image
and print on an 8x10 size to fit 
a 5x7 inch party favor bag that you can get at 
michael's or any party good store.
carefully cut out the image and place on 
top of your bag to be sure it's a good fit.
then do the following:

then, if you're in the mood and have 
stickers or dollar spot tattoos from target 
like i had, do this next step:
so are you feelin' lucky?
cuz i think these would give a pretty good answer when clint or anyone else asks you,
"go ahead. make my (st. patty's)day!"


  1. How clever, I love how you can see the gold inside the bag!!!

    1. thank you Kim! it's always good when you see gold 😉😁!

  2. This is so creative! What a fun idea. Thanks for linking up at the Home Matters Link Party! We hope to see you again next week:) #HomeMattersParty

    1. thank you Sara! the cool thing is, you can apply this idea for a ton of different digital download freebie art :>D!

  3. So cute! I would have loved a bag of these guys! Thanks for sharing with us at Creatively Crafty #ccbg :)

    1. awww thank you Lydia! i'm sending you a virtual bag as i speak! :)


here's wishing for a stuffed comment box... :>D