Wednesday, March 8, 2017

rainbow palmiers

oh lookie.
more rainbow treats.
rainbow palmiers in fact.
it's all due to the green holiday coming up.
and the fact that i am a lover of 
all things colorful and bright.
but not so much of spending too much time 
in the kitchen when i know store bought 
stuff is better than i could ever make.

thus the reason i got these at target.

brown sugar and flaky pastry? yum!
i wasn't planning on turning them into rainbows 
but that's what happens when you are a 
holiday food crafter and everything looks like holiday stuff.

ok all you do is make some glaze 
with confectioner's sugar and milk.

i actually just threw some sugar in a bowl 
and slowly added a teaspoon of milk til 
i got a glue-like consistency.

then i grabbed my food gel colors,
saving a teaspoon or so of white for the clouds.
and a food designated paint brush.
and just started painting, 
washing the brush in between each color.

then the rain came. 
cuz you gotta have rain (sprinkles) to get a rainbow.
and you gotta have clouds.
(mini marshmallow bits on top of plain icing)

so now even though there are dark clouds, 
you'll still have a rainbow. :)
now just bag 'em up in st. patty's day decor 
and you are set to share the rainbow.

yay for happy colors for all!


  1. KEEE-UTE!! And I love those palmiers! Too fun, too yummy, too brilliant! That's my BBFF for ya! Dona

    1. and you're too sweet! just like a BBFF should be 😊! i actually think these palmiers by themselves could be a little sweeter so the icing makes 'em just right! 😋

  2. Oh my gosh I loooove these! Thanks for so many cute ideas!

    1. and i loooove that you loooove these MissyB! thank you! 😁

  3. You come up with the cutest ideas! Love these!

    1. goodness that's awful nice of you to say Kim! thank you!😀

  4. What a fun and colorful treat. It's sure to brighten anyone's day!
    Thanks for sharing at My Busy Beehives #beeparty link up -pinned and shared- I hope you can join us again next week!

    1. my work friends really liked them and wanted to paint palmiers too-i suggested we paint at work but i don't think the boss would approve. lol thanks so much Julie! :>D

    2. Just wanted to let you know that you were featured this week at My Busy Beehives, #beeparty! Please come again!

    3. YAHOOO!!! thanks SO MUCH Julie!!! 😁😁😁


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