Wednesday, October 26, 2016

quick and easy vampire oreos

vampires are dumb.
 seems like no matter what time of day it is, they always say,
 well maybe they're not so dumb after all, 
since they are correct at least part of the day
 (or should i say night?)
and well,
 they aren't dumb if you make 'em like this too:

you can fix the top of the circle with black cookie icing like so.
oh goodness! settle down now!
you can't just yet!
nope, not yet...
ok, now you can!
uh oh...errr...lemme rephrase that agreement.
no problem.
(just don't tell them we
vant to eat their heads! LOL)
sick halloween humor


  1. Too cool for school!!! And those Oreo thins are SO good, there will be no problem eating the extras! Love these! Dona

    1. thank you BBFF! oh hey i got my bday card in the mail from YOU! OH MY GOODNESS i was SOOO tickled!!! YOU are the best and sweetest BBFF EVER!!! but why oh why can't i find your email when i emailed you before? anyway, THANK YOU x GAJILLION! :>D :>D :>D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Well, how cute and creepy in a good way!

    1. i'm not much into creepy at all but if it's mixed with cute it's good to go! :>D thanks Kim! happy halloween to you!!!

  3. Your cookies are sooo scary, Lisa! But not too scary to eat! ;)

    1. haha guess that's a good thing huh Karen? thanks so much and happy halloween to you!!! :>D


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