Wednesday, September 16, 2015

halloween faux fun candy apples

ok guys.
i'm offically on the halloween band wagon.
hope you're ready cuz halloween's my bday and it gets a little crazy around here.

crazy meaning tons and tons of halloween crazy crafts & goodies so by the time halloween actually gets here,
you will be so sick of halloween you'll wanna shoot me. 
and then turkey day and christmas fever starts and before you know it, it's valentine's day.

anyway, last week i went to world market.
i spent awhile looking at all the cool food in there, 
not knowing what half of the stuff tastes like.

the stuff i did get there was quite tasty though but i am always tempted to make some kinda craft with it.

my mind got a little overwhelmed so i ended up 
just getting a bag of fake apples.

you'd think i'd just stick them in a bowl or something but instead,
i made them into halloween crazies.
so crazy in fact, that now i am utterly tired and have decided to get some help with this post. 
so here's my posting partner, 
mrs. f. apple...
("whatever you got" meaning odds and ends and such...
hold on and you'll see)
they are supposed to be for real apples but i don't see anywhere on the package that says you can't use it 
for fake ones. lol
(i used the knife for all the apple mouths, even if they were just slits, 
and then went over them in paint pen.
you'll see on a few of them the cuts under the marker.)

ok let's move on.
now it's time to get that 
"whatever you got" stuff and some tacky glue...

just push those tic tac babies up in that ole styrofoam apple with a little bit o'glue on the end. 

next up:
repeat for a total of 6 legs.
or 8 if you want.
look something's flown into the room!

you having fun yet?
fancy eyes and nose you got there Mrs.F. Apple.
(oh and if you were wondering, i pushed a pink banana candy inside her mouth)

here's another beauty:
and someone else came in lookin' for a bite...
and possibly his mummy?
along with her green bodyguard.
don't ask about the frank furter thing-i think i'm delirious.

maybe i should be in ICU.
or it''s probably just a bad hair day.
ok guys, we got 2 more apples left in the dozen.
should we invite ghastly ghost?
mr. skely bones?

nah, we need a leader in this gang.

hmmm, maybe he's not so great cuz he's not a "true" pumpkin but rather an apple?!?...
woah! that's some hairdo! 
i'm sure hubby Frankenstein would approve.

too late.
so there they all are.
good hair, bad hair, no hair.
hope it's a hair raising experience making and showing these to all ghouls and goblins in your life.
and to actually make sure no one picks these up 
and eats 'em,
you can always stick them down with a removable glue dot like i did as you can see under Mama Mummy if you look real close.

and pick up a cutie patootie
witch cakestand at home goods for less than $20 before they're all gone too.
however way you choose to make them,
just remember to have fun and open up your mind to all kinds of crazies.
cuz crazy creepy cute is what i'm aiming for this halloween.
bad hair day or not.


  1. How....totally.....FUN!!!! Wouldn't this be a great project for kids, BBFF??? I don't know how you did it, but you've outdone your own outdone-ness!! Those sticks!!! But....that plate!!!!!!! If I had to pick a fave I think it would be Count Vampy...or Vampula...but that Batty is pretty cute,too. And the witch! Oh, and the mummy! Oh, and the...........................well, you get the idea. I love 'em all! Dona

    1. heehee i'm SO happy you love them Dona! i made a slit in the first apple to test to see if my idea would work. then when i cut the mouth, i was a little giddy making them..until it was after midnite and i had those 2 apples left. that's when i decided to stack them cuz i had to get some rest already! LOL i am insane. it's a good thing you understand my insanity BBFF! ;)

  2. Agreed - these apples are so much fun, can you just imagine how excited the kids would be to get one of these?? They are all so cute, I can't pick a fav andI LOVE that stand!

    1. thank you Kim! the kids would love them but i'm kinda attached to each one of them-lol and i fell in love with the stand too along with the price! i think it was only $16.99? not positive cuz i bought so much halloween stuff lately but know i flipped when i saw it was affordable! :>O

  3. These are so, so fun. Lisa! You were able to go crazy with your creativity with so many apples! :) I absolutely love them! I have a very similar stand, and now I am ready to get all of my fall/Halloween stuff out!

    1. oh goodie! i bet you could turn these guys into cookies. i would die cuz i know they'd be crazy cute like all your other cookies Sue! sometimes i have issues eating the stuff i make cuz i just wanna stare at them like i do with your cookies-good thing these are styrofoam and are keepers! :>D

  4. I'm ready for all the crafting craziness! You are awesome and mr. batty is just the cutest! Love your faux candy apples. :)

    1. thank you thank you Karen! not sure what happens to me this time of year but my brain keeps coming up with crazy crafts in the middle of the night! yikes! :>O LOL

  5. What a fun idea! This would be great for a preschool Halloween party where they could decorate their own.

    I am co-hosting the #HomeMattersParty link party this month and would love to have you stop by for a visit. The next party opens at midnight Friday!

    1. i would love to see the little kiddies apples-kids have a way with art that no adult can copy. i bet they'd be precious Alayna :) thanks for the invite!

  6. These are so cute! My only problem would be it would make me crave real candy apples, lol!

    1. ha! may i suggest a side bowl of candy apple slices while you make this then Emma? it'll be the best of both candy apple worlds! ;) thanks SO much for stopping by!

  7. Wow! Cute! Just cute! My fave is the spider with those striped legs! The apples sure look real! What cute place markers these would be!
    I'm Halloween-crazy too! Been checking for goodies since mid-July. Yesterday, strolled into an upscale candy store that usually has a nice section of cool stuff and found NOTHING! Whaaaat? On my way out, the lady asked if she could "help me." Um yeah, I thought (but didn't dare say!)..."Well you can get some Halloween stuff on these shelves instead of sitting there secretly nibbling the sample candy!"

    1. HAHAHA maybe she ate all the halloween candy? and you've been looking since mid-July? you're my kinda woman J! heehee i go into all the candy stores too looking for different kinds i can craft with and not necessarily to eat! that's a great idea for using these guys as placecards-you always have great ideas with my stuff! :>D

  8. What a fun Halloween idea! It's great how they're each so unique too. Thanks for linking up with us at the #HomeMattersParty!

    1. thank you Sarena! i woulda made more but it was late-lol i'm tempted to go buy more apples! lol what's wrong with me? :>O

  9. These are absolutely adorable. What great fun for the kids and adults too. Love all of the characters.

    1. thank you SOOOO much Bev! i 'm an adult yes but i felt like a kid making these-that's what makes them so fun! heehee :)

  10. HAHA...these are SO cute! :)

    Thanks for joining Cooking and Crafting with J & J!

    1. who knew apples could be cute right Jess? ;) thanks again! :)

  11. Hi and wow your apples are really adorable. I like the one dressed up like a mummy.
    Thank for sharing at Cooking and Crafting with J & J.

    1. hey that's the one my daughter loves too! she just loves her mummy. LOL! thanks so much for stopping by and for your party Julie! :)

  12. These are so totally cool! I'm visiting from the Wonderful Wednesday Linky

  13. Love the witch and the spider! Thanks for sharing such cute ideas with us at #AnythingGoes and have a great week.

    1. thank you Sue! i'm kinda partial to the spider too-it reminds me of me. LOL! ;)


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