Monday, September 21, 2015

eyeball tray halloween dessert stand

there are a ton of halloween treats floating on 
the blogosphere these days.
but halloween is like over 40 days away.

so are people eating mummified cookies and 
graveyard pudding cups already?
anyway, the next couple of halloween posts i'll have will be focused more on crafts unless i come up with something that i can freeze and not taste rotten by the time halloween day actually comes.
we'll see...

and speaking of seeing, 
someone's lookin' at you right now!
ok so maybe not someone, 
but there sure are a lot of eyes up there.
target AGAIN? sigh...
that's a piece of paper you see in that tray i guess 
as a demo of how you can use it. 

but then again some folks may think i'm weird sticking eyeballs all around it.
nevertheless, here's how it went.
that thing under the eyeball is the cover for the E-6000 glue.
when you use the glue you have to hold the eyeball in place til it dries a little.

you could hot glue the eyeballs on but i wanted something stronger so they don't pop out of the socket fall off the tray with use. 
this is a chalk tray so you gotta use chalk markers for the markers to show up on the tray. 
i got mine here on amazon and looooooove them!

and there you have it.
you can leave it alone as is, but i felt like it needed some height in order for the faces to be seen, especially when it sits on a table and everyone sees it from the top.

so i happen to be at ross, which is like a glorified garage sale store to me in some ways, and you really have to look to find good buys.
like when i saw these:
it was like it was meant to be!
and these babies are HEAVY too so i joined the ravens with the eyeballs and my craft was done.

(i made another tray too so you'll have to see how that one looks at the next post.)

so now all ya gotta do is place your halloween treats on it and you're good to go.

just beware there are monsters that may snatch 
a goodie or two from it...
well, if i make some now they will probably be stale by the time the 31st comes, so i'll gladly hand those to the monsters myself.  :>P


  1. Oh my goodness, I must have that tray and the way you decorated it has my eyeballs popping out of my head! CUTENESS!

    1. oh thank you SOO much! but ya better put them eyeballs back in your head Kim-i may use them for a decoration! LOL ;>D!

  2. What a great eye-dea!! Eye just love it! Eye have a tray Eye got reduced at Jo Ann's years ago and have wondered what to do with it!! Now Eye know!!! You are the best BBFF Eye've ever heard of!! And don't you just love the E-6000? Don't know what Eye'd do without it. Dona (Oh! My middle name is Eyelene!! hehe)

    1. HAHAHA before eye repleye to your comment, eye just wanna tell you that eye wrote a comment on someone's blog about their eye treat just a few days ago and wrote eye for "i" just like you! LOL no wonder we are BBFFs! :>D eye love it! so now we both can have eye treats and tell everyone eye made it! don't know what eye'd do without you too Eyelene! (i'm still giggling over here! 8>D)

  3. This is creepy cutesy! I'd love to hand out candy in this tray and see how many squeamish looks it would get. :)

    1. heehee i'm hoping my guests and their kids don't try to take the eyeballs off when i use it for the party! goodness that sounds crazy! lol thanks for stopping by Audra! :>D

  4. Your treat stand is just eye-popping! How much fun will it be serving goodies on this?! And just in case we're voting on the coolest treat tray..eye say, the eyes have it! ;)

    1. HAHA! oh how eye do appreciate you Karen! we seem to speak the same language-eye always knew you were one of my kindred spirits ;>D! thank you! eye should tell Dona up there it was you who eye commented on recently about your eye-popping lollipops! 8>D

  5. These look like a lot of fun Lisa and I'm sure the kids and adults will enjoy them. Thanks for sharing with us at #AnythingGoes.

    1. i'm hoping they will Sue! thanks SO much! if they don't like it, they just may give me the evil eye?! LOL ;)

  6. This is SO cute! I love this idea!

    Thanks for joining Cooking and Crafting with J & J!

  7. How cute and creative for Halloween. Pinned and Tweeted. Thank you for sharing at Snickerdoodle Sunday.


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