Saturday, July 5, 2014

swim goggle bottle buddies: GUEST POST on Design Dazzle

Ooo i was SO stoked about being a camp counselor in Design Dazzle’s fun Summer Camp Series! 
a few weeks ago i had this post up and today it is going to be a repeat offender here at home in case you missed it over there.

it's a fun kid summer craft that's easy peasy.
check it out:
your kids will have a blast making their own personalized bottles and they are super duper easy to make.

let's do this.
tell the kids the goggles are actually root beer goggles and the company screwed up on the label. :>O
you can get them and the stickers at target.
as well as the starbuck's drinks too but they can be found at most grocery stores. you can drink them up and then remove the labels and wash them out to get them ready.

then grab those sharpie markers, have the kids go to town! 
we used the oil based markers and did not heat the bottles. just hand wash and you are good to go. plus i like the vibrancy of the oil markers (you can get them at michael's or hobby lobby).
we also cut the eyeball stickers in half so they can fit into the goggles.
then when the bottles are all decorated, 
grab the straws and umbrellas.
and there you have it.

now it's time for a cartoon! 

what are they lookin' at anyway?
oh! they're at the beach checking out the dolphins.

you dolphins got the screen all wet.
no prob. we'll just dry it off and enjoy our drinks out of our kid decorated bottles.
so does this post make you thirsty or just wanna make silly bottles?

This post was originally published at Design Dazzle on 
June 20, 2014. 


  1. Oh my these look so fun and my kids would love them. Plus I like your responsible hint about the root beer label. I have never seen those googles over here I so wish we had them because we would totally do this.

    1. oh shoot Linda! well you can always make "root beer goggles" out of felt?! that would work and i know how crafty you are with your hands so that should be really easy! ;) thank you so much for stopping by :>D

  2. Really very funny things, I like your creativity..

    1. and your comment is really sweet WWICS! happy you like my silliness! :>D

  3. Oh god, it really gives me very happy by seeing ur stunts on bottles really so sweety thanks for sharing it Interview Questions 99

  4. oh my gosh! it looks really pretty cool, i tried too but i didn't get like same u did u r really great i appreciate u. Thanks a lot! Keep making funny things more to show this to children they feel pretty happy.


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