Saturday, February 1, 2014

more football fun food

today my bestest buddy in the whole entire world and universe celebrates his 11th birthday!

so i made more football treats for him that'll work for you when you celebrate superbowl with your buddies tomorrow.

and seeing that football posts will be kinda null and void after the football "holiday" tomorrow, i better get this out to you like, yesterday.
ok so here goes!
these are quick and dag gone YUMMY
with the help of a couple of awesome bloggers' recipes, 
i was able to add a little twist to each of them.

first up is this recipe from the lady on the ranch who makes some of the most dag gone flabbit deelish dishes.

i stuck some candy footballs from party city on half of them and some green sprinkles on the other half. 

then i made some goalposts half hazardly cuz it was so dag gone late at night and my eyelids were drooping so i really did not care if they were smooth or not, cuz i don't think it's every day a kid eats a goalpost so the one time they do, they will be so excited they won't care.
(or at least i am hoping!)

it's just melted candy melt on parchment paper drawn with no pattern whatsoever and done in like, umm...10 minutes?

then when they dried, i just plopped them suckers down into the brownies. 
yay! they hold.
ok treat #1 done.

next up is this snack mix totally stolen from food craft genius friend Brenda here cuz gosh darn even though it took awhile for me to do icing laces on cheap dollar tree palmer football chocolates and peanut goober candy, 
it was worth seeing it come together. 
oh Brenda is so smart! :)

next i bagged them up in these hour glass shaped bag thingies from michael's, folded and taped the top of the bag to the back, and drew a lickety split football on them with my 
omg i just love 'em paint markers.
yeah, i did these during vampire hours too.
and last but not least, 
i went back to the lady on the ranch again and got her spread recipe.

but i shaped it like so and baked it on top of parchment paper cuz i wanted to transfer it onto a football plate i had for the party.

and i used white chocolate cuz i didn't want everything football brown but mostly cuz my buddy does not really like chocolate that much but likes m&m's.
(don't ask cuz i keep asking and am still in search of the answer.)

oh and i decorated it with color.

i coulda made 3 posts outta this one and done my silly cartoon bubbles but man i have celebrating to do with my bestest buddy in the whole entire world and universe.


  1. What time is the party?????? I gotta get my ticket to fly out!!! YUMMO! Seriously, I'm kinda glad I don't live closer to you. I might NEVER get these last 30 pounds off!!!!! It would be worth it though, ya know? Happy birthday to your buddy! Dona

    1. haha! it's an ongoing party so whenever you get here the real party will start my BBFF! and yes it will be worth it Dona :) thank you sooooooo much! :>D

  2. Can you believe I haven't made a single super bowl treat other than cookies, there are great!!! Have fun celebrating with your bestest buddy!!

    1. that may be true Kim, but your cookies are out of this world so you really don't need anything else :) thanks fso much for my son's bday wishes!

  3. Lisa these are SO COOL! I have become such a fan of your site since your link up I think last month. Your food makes me smile and chuckle, they are so happy. I am going to make the spread. I like the lady on the ranch but your version is cuter!!

    1. ok MissyB i hold you completely responsible for the huge smile on my face :>D :>D :>D! thank you so much!

  4. Lisa, Lisa, Lisa ... if I had your address ... I would run over and give you a big hug ... not in a creepy kind of way ... you are just way to kind! You were working like a football food machine ... now, it's time to have fun with your friend :) I love everything you made!

    1. Brenda, Brenda, Brenda, this one's for you:

  5. Wow that was a lot of football yumminess, I was thinking as I read through I would have totally milked a few more posts out of it :) Those goal posts are gold!

    1. thank you so much! we think alike Linda as far as the milking goes-LOL but i'm so happy you like the goal posts-wonkiness and all! :)


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