Saturday, January 18, 2014

funny "we-go-together" valentine cake pops

i'm a holiday head.
meaning, i go cray cray over holidays, 
if you hadn't guessed by now.

i start in july.
i get hives if they're not celebrated 
(and no i don't mean mine)
national donut day?
ask me what i'm eating june 6th.

anywho, aside from the fact that i LOVE holidays,
 i do have a holiday i am not so cray cray about.
and that holiday my lovelies,
is valentine's day.

mush mush kissy kissy gobbledee gook sweetie pateetie,
i am so not into.

thank goodness for sweet treats though, 
cuz they are what help me get through the lovers' holiday.

and so sweet treats i made!
these are my couples cake pops.
totally meant to be together.

check 'em out.

freeze the cake pops with an inserted candy melt lollipop stick and get the following ready:

i kept counting the speech bubbles to be sure i didn't miss the 2 that were supposed to be in the box of 12...
nope! just 10.
hope mr. wilton doesn't need math to decorate any geometric cakes... 
once the cake pops are dipped, use food markers to decorate (curse the food markers once or twice when they refuse to cooperate).

and i just realized i didn't show the other supplies-oopsies!
candy glue some eyes, make smiles with red frosting, and cut up some lemon mike and ike candy, sticking them in the fry bag as soon as you dip the cake pop in melted bark.
(this'll make more sense below when you see the fry bag).

and woolah! you're done.
you just made a lovers' retreat.

ok we get the picture.
let's see what they think about each other...
oh that sunny side up egg wastes no time to get her bacon.
and that pizza's got some spicy language.
and crustless bread is something my son loves. 

oh and it looks like the cheese and cookie 
picked up similar lines...

so there ya go.
couples that were meant to be together.
like this one.

oh my!
you can just feeeel the love!

looks like things are gettin' steamy.

oh why yes yes of course!
sorry monsieur!

looks like this couple didn't exactly work out.

oh well,
think i'll just leave it at that and head over to mickey d's to see if i can make eye contact with some fries.


  1. French Men + Fries Looks Awesome..
    Thanks for sharing.
    It's Funny.

    1. heehee they are quite silly! i was originally gonna put a beret on the french man but when i drew his hair, it just "fit" his geedy eyed french fry face! lol thank you so much Shrey! :)

  2. Oh, good grief. Adorable. Brilliant. So cute I can't stand it! Want some! I'm having our monthly Scrabble at my house next month and I've already started making decorations. Keep up the good work. I'm stealing all your ideas! You are the brains to my............plagiarism! No, no, I mean, creativity! Thanks, BBFF! Dona

    BTY, I 'spell-checked' plagiarism and that's how they say it's spelled....whoda thunk?

    1. oh you are SO sweet my pro Scrabble BBFF! go ahead and "playgerize" away! spell check has no idea what they are sayin' Dona! HAHA :>D

  3. Just when I thought no one could come up with anything new to create using cake balls, you did it! These are too cute. I particularly love the macaroni and cheese and the bag of pepperoni with the slice of pizza is so fun. Pinning.

    Beth @ Hungry Happenings

    1. it's hard for me to pick a fave but i guess since i highlighted the french fry couple, that must be it. figures i would pick the silliest one. but you bring such JOY Beth when you pin my stuff! YIPPEEEEE! thanks a mill! :)

  4. You are the ping to my pong, okay, I don't know if that makes any sense, but these little cake pops sure do! They are completely adorable!!!

    1. HAHA! now there's a couple that would be tricky to make Kim! but it makes total sense to me. but then again i don't think normally. heehee :>O
      ps (you are the pong to my ping)

  5. Lisa, these are so flipping adorable! Every Valentine's Day I say that I'm going to make a set of decorated sugar cookies with many of the pairs you have above, but I never get around to it.Your awesome short cut using cake pops may just be the answer! And I often sold my food color makers as well. They don't seem to want to write on slick surfaces.

    1. oh thank you Aida! it's funny you mention the shortcut because originally i was gonna make the couples with different colored candy melt but then i thought that would be insane because it would take me hours to finish! so using the food markers was faster and i tried my best to color it in smoothly but when it didn't i just figured it looked "artsy"! lol :>O i just kept wiping the cake pops with a napkin so the surface would be a little dull and the markers seemed to work better that way :) thanks so much for stopping by!

  6. Your cake pops are absolutely darling! So clever and well done. Visiting by way of Think Pink Sunday over at Flamingo Toes where I saw your link-up.


    1. i'm so happy you like them Jenn! they were fun to put together literally. heehee :)

  7. Those do go together perfectly! I love those speech bubble icing thingys, those are really fun. Great job!!

    1. i think you know how i feel about speech bubbles considering they are all over my blog so i went nutty when i saw them! heehee thank YOU so much Michelle and so happy you like them :)

  8. You are so, so funny! I love that you know what day national donut day is. Haha... And, of course, these cake pops are adorable. I had never thought of buying cupcakes and using those to make cake balls. So smart! (P.S. You'd make my day if you came and linked up at The Makers link party over on my blog.)

    1. and you are so so sweet Alexis! i should give you a big donut! lol i'm headed to your party now :) thank you so much for the invite!

  9. Such creativity (and patience!). I have neither. These are too cute!

    1. thank you Kim! these are actually easy and quick to make-no baking and just dip in almond bark. the kids can even draw on them. and i bet you do have patience and creativity! :)

  10. So cute!!! I am a working nurse too !! Full time night shift for 31 years!!
    I am co hosting Fluster's Creative Muster Link Party and I want to thank you for linking up!!


    1. oh hey nurse friend on the zombie shift! man oh man that's a hard one to do! it took me 3 days just to recover from one nite and by that time it was time to do another one-aaak! i'd much rather be doing midnite blogging. LOL thank you SO much for stopping by Debbie and for your party with Robin :)

  11. Once again - HILARIOUS! - every single word! And several good tips here for us "non-baking" but "food-crafty-loving" readers! Had no idea I could have a cake pop in my hand and ready to decorate by "smashing the daylights" outta a store-bought cupcake! And how much fun to lay out all the supplies and candy and have a little party to make these! Wonder if we shouldn't file a class action appeal to get 12 of those bubbles - plus "punitive" damages! - over to you so we can see a few more cute couples!

    1. oh i am just visualizing the "cake pop made outta beat up cupcake" party that you could put together J! and imagine the extras we could have when we get all the dollars from the lawsuit-lol! oh well, at least mr. wilton keeps making more new candy decorations so that suits me just fine if he can't count really. heehee :>D

  12. Wilton must have made those Speech Bubble just for you!! You are both a perfect match! hehe :)

    1. hey i think i like that match up best of all! i sure do pay a lot of attention to wilton come to think of it-LOL! i'm SOOOO happy you stopped by Christine :>D thank you!!!

  13. Replies
    1. oh you're SO sweet Jill! i love it when you stop by!!! :)


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