Monday, November 25, 2013

on line bake sale for the Philippines

today is a day to bring everyone together for a very good purpose.
early november of this year, 
many many people in the Philippines suffered a horrific typhoon.

there are many people in need of our help.

so today i urge you to help by taking part in an 
online bake sale!
that's right folks, all that you see here, you can bid on!
see those snowmen?
you can bid on them and i will mail them to you if you win the bid!

so please go on and take a closer look over at Tina's blog and you can see and bid on any of the wonderful treats 38 other bloggers made as well.

the auction will start at 8am CST/9am EST and will be open for 24 hours. please join us in this fundraiser to benefit Typhoon Haiyan victims in the Philippines. all donations will be directed to Sagip Kapamilya.  

thank you SO SO SO much!

my country thanks YOU.


  1. Thanks for supporting me in this cause, Lisa! I truly appreciate it!

    1. no thank YOU Tina for all your hard working and loving efforts!!! XO

  2. These are adorable! I just bid on them! If I win, I'll pass them out at Grandma's 4th annual Christmas Cookie Baking Party on December 14th! Soooo excited!

    1. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU J!!!!!! now i am SOOOO excited!!! you are an angel! :>D

    2. Thank YOU, Lisa! I am the WINNER!!!!!!! Yay! I was very impressed at how all of you creative bakers came together to aid such a worthy cause. Instead of me sitting here thinking, "I've got to send something to help," you made it possible for me to actually contribute via a trustworthy site. Thank you! I also admire the competent way this event was managed. Everything went so smoothly!
      I only need to challenge you on one thing, though! You said, above, that I was an "angel." No, my dear. I am now a "mom" to 12 adorable snowmen!

    3. WOOOHOOO! i'm jumping for joy that YOU won J!!!! you will always be an angel in my eyes along as the mom of my marshmallow snowmen! :>D email me your address ( and they will be on their way! yippee! yahoooo!!!

  3. Lisa, They're so cute! My daughter-in-law is from the Philippines, and in fact she and my son are there right now visiting her family:)

    1. oh my goodness what a small world it is! i pray her family is ok too! and by the way, your cookies are absolutely downright ADORABLY AWESOME!!! thank you so much Sue-the snowmen are silly with their amish looking hats and crazy scarves! :) i'm so happy we took part in this together! :>D


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