Tuesday, March 5, 2013

easter fun at mr. printables

oh my goodness!
i just discovered a site for kids that makes this 40 something yr. old kid squee with delight!

i am just giddy over their adorable easter crafts and free printables that i just had to share.

just when i thought i've seen a billion and trillion ways to decorate eggs, i come across this site.

i mean, squee! look what your eggs can be!
these are utterly cute:
check the post out here where you can download their outfits. they totally remind me of my brownies.

they also did this to eggs:
talk about outta the box!
read all about it right here.

then they had me at hello with these:
these are free to download right here too!

or look at these!
free printable cupcake wrappers here!
ok so i am dying of cuteness overload.
and it's a wonderful place to be.

but what's that you say? 
these printables are for kids?!? 
well despite the fact that i am over the kid age limit, the fact remains that i am pretty tired of adulthood. 
and seeing that i have been in it for over 20 plus years already, i say,

THANK YOU mr. printables THANK YOU!


  1. AMEN on the part about being tired of being an adult and wanting something goofy and cute to do! These are darling! All of them! And they sure make it easy to sit down with your kids/grandkids and spend some nice time together making things that really look good when they're done. Thanks for finding these! On my way over there!

    1. oh you are so welcome J! they have so many other things aside easter too-i could spend hours on their site being a kid-gotta love it :) the adult stuff can wait! heehee ;)

  2. These are absolutely adorable! I can't pick a favorite they are all good! thanks for the printables. I can wait to try these out :)

    1. wait til you go on their site Resh and see ALL their printables! it's like a dream come true especially if you are looking for different kinds of printables and other crafts too :) thanks so much and happy you stopped by! :)


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