Friday, March 22, 2013

celebrating my 1st with candle cake pops in a cake stand

holy cow! 
i made a whole year!

what am i talking about?
well guys, today is my 

let's celebrate ok?

everybody sing!

happy blogiversary to hp!
happy blogiversary to hp!
happy blogiversary to hoopla palooza,
happy blogiversary to meeeeee!!!

man that sounds narcissistic to me! :>P

what's a celebration without cake?

let's have some cake in the form of cake pops then, 
shall we?
and we'll add a candle to celebrate the first year.
what's that you just saw?
why it's a candle cake pop.
in a styrofoam cake cakepop stand!

aaaaand, it's reusable :) 
(uh the stand, not the cake pop)

you can give this to your special someone on any celebration and they'll love you forever. or you can make one or 2 or 3 of your own and stick your cake pops in it for an awesome party dessert decoration.
so c'mon, celebrate with me!
 let's do this.

make some cake pops.
here's a wonderful tute if you've never made them before.

i made some candle cake pops.
you can too, with these instructions:

use funfetti cake mix & vanilla frosting for your cakepops and shape them into raindrop looking thingies. poke some cookie sticks dipped in orange candy melt in each pop and refrigerate. (use cookie sticks cuz they are wider and sturdier than lollipop sticks) 

when the cake pops are set, dip them in orange candy melt, and while they are still wet, take melted yellow candy melts and use a small rubber spatula to make random streaks here and there to resemble flames.

now add Target's awesome big polka dotted easter straws thru the cookie stick leaving about an inch on the bottom of the stick exposed. you'll have to cut the straw in order not to cover the entire stick. it's very important to leave the cookie stick end alone as that is what you will be sticking in your cake (speaking of sticking, stick with me so this part makes more sense...)

in the end, you should get this:
candles are done!
put them aside in the fridge.
now it's time to make the cake.

get 2 styrofoam 1 x 3/16" by 5 x 7/8" circles at hobby lobby and glue them together. 
paint only the sides pink. or actually any color you want your cake to be. 
(yellow for a lemon cake? brown for chocolate? white stucco to resemble white frosting? now that would be awesome!)
after the paint dries, find a cake stand to fit the cake.
also, grab some sprinkles.
now cut a piece of pink cardstock a little larger than the size of the styrofoam cake by tracing the cake on the cardstock and cutting around the shape (it doesn't have to be perfect). then glue it to the bottom of the cake.

when it dries, start hot gluing the sprinkles for the cake border.
when your border is done, cut another circle a little smaller than the top of your cake. i used a saucer that i found in my cupboard and traced it. i used the sprinkle paper i had in a cardstock pad i found at michael's. or use any cardstock of your choice from your local craft store.
once you have it cut, mark 8 equal triangle portions on the back of it and punch a hole in the middle of each triangle as shown below (i just eyeballed the middle). also punch a hole (i used this punch) in the center. i bent the paper in half slightly to get my measurements for the triangles-the paper is thick so there really weren't any crease folds to worry about showing.  when the holes are punched, carefully stick a cookie stick thru each hole to widen it. 
now glue it to the top of your cake. i used some magazines to hold it down while it dried.
once dried, take your cookie stick and punch thru the existing holes just deep enough to hold a cake pop, about 1 inch or so.
you can hardly see where the holes are! beauty!

now let's decorate the sides.
take more of your sprinkles and push it on the sides of the cake in any random order deep enough to stay. i didn't need any glue as the styrofoam held the sprinkles with no problem.

the cake's done! let's add the candles now :)
carefully push the candle cake pops down until it's flushed with the top of the cake. this is why you don't want to cover the end of the stick with the straw as i mentioned in the beginning. 
and lookie! the colors of the sprinkles match the polka dots on the straws :)

add more candles if you wish, 
as there are enough spots for 8.
i made a cake pop total of lucky 7 cuz i feel lucky to have this blog and YOU 
for coming along this wild crazy and fun ride with me!

when i first started blogging, i had absolutely no clue what blogging was going to do to me. i just knew i was making a lot of crazy things in the past and since reading all the awesomeness on the web i thought it'd be fun to share some of my creative craziness too. 

and for some odd reason, seems like the more i share and create, the more ideas flow in my head-it's like a crazy mental wonderful disease i have!

so what if i've lost sleep! so what if i am constantly in the craft stores? so what if my fridge is busting out the seams from all the sugar stuff i made.

ya only live once and i am making the best of what i have which is why i believe it's divine intervention that gives me all the ideas i share with you.
so hopefully in the coming years, i will keep adding candles to my blog cake. even if it means sticking them on the sides or on top of each other.

soooo, to top this ultra long post off, 
we need gifts for this celebration don'tcha think?

so i went shopping...
for YOU!

lookie what i got:
a cool cupcake book with wavy edges and yummo recipes!

and then i got another book.
another awesome book with a squishy cover and recipes that ya gotta try!

so what do ya do when you make the cupcakes with homemade marshmallows?

you use these: 
and what do ya do while you are getting frosting all over your face eating your cupcake with the homemade marshmallows?

 you use these:
and what do ya do when you had your share of cupcakes with homemade marshmallows and no more napkins to use? you give some away to your best buddy and pal!

and you wrap them up in these:
(yeah yeah, i know it's a valentine box but these tags and bags will work anyway.)

so now let's take a look at my shopping spree, shall we?
you wanna win all this?
i want you to win too! but ya gotta enter!

the only mandatory thing i ask is for you to follow me somehow and if you already do, please be sure to tell me so you can have your entry in.

enter here and i'll announce the winner next friday right before easter and mail it out as soon as i get your address. this is open to all u.s. residents starting 
midnite 3/22/13 til midnite 3/27/13.

please enter so my very first giveaway won't look so lame :>P


that way i can go shopping again and give away more stuff in the near future :) 

whew! what a super duper loooong post!
 but you are all super duper and i cannot thank you enough for supporting me and my hoopla palooza!!!!

here's to many more years together.

oh and btw, 
i finally put my pic up so you can see the crazy behind the mad scientist costume. i wouldn't want you to think you were entering a contest run by a crazy person in a wild white wig. let alone get a package in the mail from some lunatic. what would people think?


  1. I of coarse Love your blog! It is so fun and cute! I also like Averie Cooks.

  2. I have commented on your blog in the past! How can you not! Your ideas are way adorable!

    1. YIPPEE! my first entry! i was getting nervous there but my daughter was happy cuz she wanted to keep the prize if no one entered-LOL just kidding!
      thank you so much keshekeke!

  3. Happy Blogiversary. Love your cake pop candle and the cake is a great way to display the cakes. I would have a hard time picking just one blog that I love because there are so many amazingly talented bloggers, but I do love thepartiologist, Party Pinching, and the recipes from Denneler's Project. I read every one of your posts too via e-mail, and love your projects!

    beth (at)

  4. I have commented on your blog before. You have created some really fun projects in your first year. I look forward to all your new stuff!

    beth (at)

    1. OH! if i could send you a prize every week for everything you have done i would be broke! hehe you have given me TONS of inspiration and i bow down to you Beth!!! (hope that doesn't sound stalkish :>P)

  5. Love this post and can't wait to make my own "CAKE POP CANDLES".
    Please enter me in your contest....I receive your email notification which I love because I can see as soon as you post.
    I can't sign up through the generator facebook. So I do hope my name can be added via this post. Thanks for offering the great give-away and for sharing such creative ideas.

    1. thank you Lexy!!! you can sign up by using your email so please please do! i have facebook and i pretty much don't do anything with it (it makes me dizzy)-LOL!

    2. Happy blogiversary! LOVE your candle cake pops! and a super cute "cake" stand for them. What a great giveaway, I would love to win! :) I love your blog and stop by a lot :) You have amazing and fun ideas. I also like to visit a site- Bloom Designs Online- and Lizzy Jane Baby. Thanks for all the great ideas!

    3. hooray! you entered Jen and i can't thank you enough for visiting me so much! you are totally sweet ! :)

  6. Lisa, HAPPY BLOGIVERSARY TO YOU :) Your cake pop holder is so clever! I follow you by email ... you always make me smile and seem to be so full of energy ... I imagine you bouncing all over the kitchen, LOL!

    1. thank you Brenda thank you! it's funny cuz i am a pretty reserved person but you are right, when it comes to crafting i am a maniac! LOL you always make me smile when you visit too! :)

  7. HP is definitely one of my favorite blogs!!! Thanks for the idea for the adorable cake/pops, I love how they can be reused. I've sure had a great time seeing your posts and following you! I am so looking forward to what you come up with this next year!! Congratulations!

    1. and YOU Michelle are one of my favorite bloggers! :) thank you so much for being there for me in the beginning and still sticking around! here's to many more years together!!! :>D

  8. Happy Blogaversary!!!!!!!!!! Yay!! *pops poppers*

    Great idea for the cake pop holder.

    Here's to year two! *cheers*

    1. oh thank you Michelle! i love the pops poppers part! (say that 10 time fast-hehe) you are super sweet :)

  9. is my favorite next to my own (!
    Congrats on 1 year!!

    1. thank you SO much Sandra! i really appreciate it :)

  10. OH, and BTW, I never EVER thought you were a lunatic in a white lab coat, no matter what your picture looked like!! Your "real" pic looks so nice, you look very happy, too!!!

    1. HAHA Michelle! i'm so happy cuz you're my blogging buddy! :>D

  11. Well I guess I don't HAVE to say that your blog is my fave - but it IS one of the (VERY!) few I run to as soon as I see you have posted! Your ideas are so cute and FRESH and the "funnies" planted in between the lines are hilarious! (Hope your hubby never found the 29 cent pack of dots you hid from him LOL!)
    And btw - glad you peeked out from behind the wig - I knew you'd be a pretty, smiling lady after all!

  12. I have commented several times in the past - and always came back to read your nice follow up remarks! I respect this since I'm a blogger too and don't usually take the time - although I should!

    1. oh J! friends like you are why i do what i do! you make my heart smile BIG time!!! once i get 100 comments i probably won't be able to reply to everyone but that will never happen so i'm good LOL

  13. Just found your blog through link-up on Six Sisters Stuff. Will start visiting your blog now. Congrats on the 1 year blog anniversary!

    1. hooray! i'm so happy you found me Megan! i always wonder how i got found. good thing i'm not on the side of a milk carton marked missing! heehee thank you so much! :>D

  14. My favorite blog is Her artistry is so inspiring to me! I love reading your blog as well...funny thing is, I can't actually eat any of the stuff you make (so I don't read your blog for sweet treat ideas)! I just enjoy your sense of humor, and I think we share a similar passion for bright happy colors.

    1. oh i LOVE that blog too! her art is outta this world! i thank you from the bottom of my heart that you visit me for my silliness alone-i wish you could eat my treats but since you can't i'll try to keep you entertained with my wacky self. thank you again and again Sarah! :>D

  15. Happy Blog Anniversary!! Yippee!! Looks like a lovely project & what a great giveaway someone one. Thanks for linking up & sharing @ hope to see you this week too! Have a great Easter btw if you don't get a chance to stop by!

    1. thank you SO SO much Theresa! you have a wonderful jelly bean holiday too! :>D

  16. I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.

    1. YAY! thank you SOOOOO much! happy to have you!!!!


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