Monday, December 31, 2012

realistic resolutions for 2013

it's almost 2013.
the time for new year's resolutions.

i resolve to lose 10 pounds.
i resolve to be more organized.
i resolve to spend more time with the kids instead of my computer.
i resolve to make my holiday cookies look like these:
is it all poppycock?

let's do a reality check and call this post:
here goes.

i resolve to not gain 10 more pounds.
(this means i can have 2 cookies after that meal instead of 5. or 5 little ones instead of 2 big ones.)

i resolve to be more organized with ummmm...lists that i have lying around.
(this means throw the list away when all the stuff is crossed off of it before making another one...huh? you mean i have to cross the stuff off?!?!?!?!)

i resolve to spend more time with the kids on the computer 
when i ask them to wash the dishes so i can have more time with them right after i make a post and link up to 17 million linky parties.

i resolve to make my holiday cookies look like the ones above.

.  .  .  .  .  .

...hey now!
THERE'S a resolution i think I can actually pull off!

good luck on your new year 2013 resolutions!
realistically or unrealistically


  1. LOL, love it! Especially the 17 million parties!

    1. if it weren't for those 17 million parties i would be the only one reading my blog! LOL thanks Michelle and especially for your weekly parties and wonderful comments! xoxoxo

  2. As usual, I can definitely relate to your list, my dear Lisa! I am historically an avid list maker. However, as of late I've been mayor Slacker of Slackerville when it comes to chores. I may intend to accomplish a batch of productive tasks, but end up just breastfeeding while blogging in the kitchen ignoring a sink full of dishes. I still spend as much time with my kiddos, because of course they are only this small for a blink of an eye. So I hereby resolve to improve my multitasking skills! So I can mother, blog, stock my etsy shop, and still have time for showering. I swear whenever i skype with my family and BFF who live out of town, I always have my dirty hair in a very un-cute bun on the top of my head. Even work-from-home moms need to have clean hair every once in a while. {Sorry that comment turned into quite a ramble.) XOXO

    1. HAHAHA! oh Amberly u crack me up! i <3 your comment!!! so here's to u oh mayor of slackerville with the uncute bun! with everything you do I would let them dishes sit since they aren't going anywhere and u put a smile to so many people with your talent! your kids will see how awesome their mom is :) (((HUGS)))

  3. What great resolutions! You're my kinda lady!

    1. LOL Karyn! us halloween babies gotta stick together :>D

  4. Oh I totally need to do a couple of things on that list :) However I have to say I do cross stuff on my list. In fact I actually write stuff on my list I have already done that day to cross off, it makes me feel like I've accomplished some stuff :) and I totally think those cookies are doable as well.

    1. hey! writing stuff on the list you already done? now there's an idea! :) actually i would LOVE to try to make your cupcake macarons as one of my resolutions Linda V! heehee

  5. You crack me up. This is my style of resolutions.


here's wishing for a stuffed comment box... :>D