Sunday, December 16, 2012

christmas in a jar: part 3, 4 AND 5 (santa, elf and tree)

hurry! hurry! hurry!
oh goodness! oh goodness! oh goodness!

9 days?! 9 days?! 9 days?!

pressure! pressure! pressure!
crunch time! crunch time! crunch time!

hold on there a sec!


that's right.

nicely iiiiiiinnnnnnn.
nicely ooooouuuuutttt.

and again.

nicely iiiiiiinnnnnnn.
nicely ooooouuuuutttt.

are you a little more relaxed?

back to reality.
hurry! hurry! hurry!
oh goodness! oh goodness! oh goodness!
.  .  .  .  .  .  .
so here's another christmas craft for you. see this for part one and part two so you'll see where i got the jars. for the next 3 jars i made, i decided to cram it all in one post.

because, like you, 
time is a wastin' if i spread these jar posts to once a week, like i originally thought i would. 
(golly gee-what an amateur blogger!)
and by the time i am done with this series, it would be new year's eve already. and by the time you get back to seeing how to do this, another 99 million pinterest christmas projects will be posted. and by that time this jar post will just be another craft floating around in the sea of the blogosphere world wondering where it will land next.

dang! this blogging's some heavy duty work!

maybe i should just stick to nursing, and continue starting IV's and putting catheters in.

let's just move on shall we?

to this!
just follow the steps:
1. this cute little outfit is for soda liter bottles-just use the hat & scarf. save the suit for whoever you want. (warning: if you attempt to wear, know that it is quite on the small size...)
2. find it at Marshall's for about $5.
3. freehand draw some mittens on white cardstock and cut them out
4. take some white duct tape and stick on the end of each mitten then attach to the inside of each "sleeve" of the scarf, making the mittens stick out. you'll have to push the duct tape in the sleeve. OR as i realize as i'm writing this, you can also hot glue it instead. (dang! why didn't i think of that before?!?!)
5. freehand draw a mustache on white duct tape
6. cut it out and attach to jar
7. then tape a piece of duct tape for the beard and place it by the mustache to get an idea of how big you need to cut it
8. stick it loosely on the jar and cut to form the beard. once it's cut, stick it down firmly
9. then outline it with black sharpie
10. draw a cute smile with a red paint sharpie
11. use the red "merry christmas" martha stewart washi tape
12. attach it just below lid.

put his hat on, hot glue the scarf aka "sleeves" to the back of the jar.

take this and fill up your jar.
so now you're done and you get this:

yeah yeah yeah, i know it's really 9 DAYS til the big day but i made this pic 2 days ago.
oh cripey i got too much going on...

back to this jar.
let's take another breather now shall we?

breathe iiiiiinnnnnn.
breathe oooouuuutttt.
.  .  .  .  .  .  .

here's jar #4.
talk about eating too many m&m's!

anyway, this jar is pretty easy. just get another one of those liter bottle outfits, paint his hair on the top of the lid (it'll look weird but the hat will cover most of it and only show the bangs), then paint his face and glue some googly eyes, then cut some freedrawn mittens like you did for the santa jar, tape or hot glue it on the sweater, and lastly glue a tiny ornament string if you want to his hands. i used a few safety pins to pin the sleeves & have his hands closer to his "body", unlike santa's that are just flailing around.

so anyway, i just explained these steps with no pics, so ya go:
hmmm...what should we fill him with?

no goodies cuz ummm...
i gotta look out for his health.
oh i know!

oh elf, you'll thank me later...

ok let's take one more breather.

nicely iiiiiiinnnnn.
nicely oooouuuutttt.

you good to go for one last and final jar?
ok here's jar #5.
for this jar, i made a trip to wal-mart and got the jar for about $2.

then i grabbed some paint, some tiny christmas embellishments i got from hobby lobby & michael's, glued the ornaments, star, and gifts (i cut the string part of these) all around and then,
filled it up with some dollar gift chocolates
(sorry mr. elf)and,
done and done!
that ends the christmas in a jar series.
eee. ah.

ok so even though i could now use a billion hour nap, i must continue this haphazard life i am leading trying to get ready for the big 2-5 day.

then on the 26th i get my most fave gift of all.




  1. Such a cute post! =)
    Following you from Strut your Stuff @ Six Sisters Stuff.

    1. YIPPEEEEEEEEEEE! welcome to my blog Melissa Bo :) thank you so much!

  2. Lisa,
    What adorable ways to use jars! I am a huge fan of anything-in-a-jar crafts. Make quite a few myself. I'm your newest follower, found you through The Girl Creative linky party (mine is two links down from yours...a blintz souffle recipe).

    Hope you can come over for a visit and say hello.

    1. HIP HIP HOORAY!!!!!! thank YOU so much Doreen! i never really got into jars until i started the blogging thing and now i'm hooked! can't look at a mayo jar the same way again-heehee i'm off to go visit you now!

  3. These are too adorable! Very creative! Thanks so much for sharing at our Countdown to Christmas link party! Merry Christmas! :)

    1. awww, thank you so much Dixie and Dottie! you are too kind :) and thanks for your awesome Christmas party! merry merry to you too! :)

  4. OMG, so cute! My daughter sat here with me looking at each of them and reading the fun little things they said and she loved them. They are so fun, I love what you filled each of them with, too! Thanks very much for linking up!

    1. YAY! they were fun to put together and trying to figure out what to fill them with. i didn't want to keep putting desserts in them like i did for jars 1&2. jars are so versatile! THANK YOU to you and your daughter for reading and always for your linky party Michelle :)

  5. these are kind a fun crazy jars. good for you! thank you for linking 'm up at our linky party at

    1. fun crazy is right up my alley!thanks so much Rose! :>D

  6. OMG they are all so cute! And I agree with the elf, I would rather have the m&m's than tape too ;) Thanks for sharing on We Made That!

    1. yay! another OMG comment! LOL! and since it's christmas, i'll send you m&m's AND washi tape ok? heehee thanks again We Made That!

  7. well jeepers of course i'll follow! especially since you didn't beg-LOL
    thanks so much Sarah!


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