Saturday, August 11, 2012

a sally field moment...she really likes me.

a post comment the other day:

Too cute! Love the following you and nominated you for a blog award...visit my site for details at Found you at my daughters site, Trendy Treehouse.....have a great day, NeeCee
did i read that right?!?
Too cute! Love the following you and nominated you for a blog award...visit my site for details at Found you at my daughters site, Trendy Treehouse.....have a great day, NeeCee
holy schmoly!!!!
i got a blog award?!?! what the hey man, unbelievable.............................................................................................................

so my son and i got dressed and walked the red carpet. i brought him since he is after all, my hand model on my blog, and should get accolades too.
we were composed and proper like a blogstar should be. and acted in a very mannerly manner.
i mean, this was our first award ever. 
we didn't want to screw it up. 

it's called the "liebster award" and it's granted for up and coming bloggers with less than 200 followers or something like that (i didn't finish reading the fine print). 

liebster is German and means sweetest,kindest, nicest, dearest, blah, blah, blah. well, you get the picture. 

i think i should call NeeCee a liebster myself.

anywho, i have to answer 11 questions that NeeCee asked me and also pick 11 more bloggers that i feel should be nominated too. it's part of the award rules.
Liebster Rules
1.Post about your WIN on your Blog.-done
2. Link back to the Blogger who nominated YOU;
(Pine Creek Style) then, FOLLOW them back.-done
3. Copy and paste the Blog award button on your Blog.-below
4. Present the Liebster Award to 11 Blogs that have fewer than 200 followers that you think deserve to be recognized and awarded.-yeah, yeah, i'm working on it..i mean, i can't just give it away to just anyone right?
5. Let them know by leaving a comment on their Blog.-it'll happen
6. Share 11 random facts about yourself.-below
7. Answer 11 questions your tagger has asked you and ask 11 question to the people you've tagged.-below
8. You are not allowed to tag back to the Blogger who chose you.-who makes this stuff up anyway?
so i am still working on some parts but i had to acknowledge NeeCee for her graciousness.
now i can scratch off rule #3.

here's rule #6.
1. i have 3 children, ages 9, 13, and 47 (this one also happens to be my husband)
2. most of my pencils need sharpening
3. i have 7 umbrellas & none of them work-but they are awfully cute.
4. i am not a true fan of being a nurse. blogging is less stressful.
5. i can't go bare foot. my feet are too sensitive.
6. i pretty much hate most vegetables but i eat them anyway.
7. my car needs a tune up.
8. i have no clue how to do half the things on blogger. 
9. i can't get my kids to go to bed 99% of the time.
10. i hardly dust my ceiling fans or behind my fridge.
11. i believe there are no coincidences.

and now onto rule #7.
1. What kind of People are attracted to Your Blog?
uh...humans i believe. humans who like to read blogs.
2. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?
under my desk at work where i can get paid while i craft and think of blog posts cuz no one will find me.
3. Is blogging more of a Job or a Hobby?
it could possibly be both (see #2 answer).
4. What is one thing about yourself you would love to change?
i would love to change into bakerella

5. If you are a Mom, how often do you enjoy alone time?
how often do i enjoy alone time?!? 
is this a trick question?

6. If it was going to be made public, which would you tell: Your age, your weight or your income?
i'm 48 but i'll never tell!

7. What personality trait bugs you the most?
a nose picker

8. Favorite Restaurant?
if it means not having to cook dinner, every single one.
but does McDonald's count?

9. What are you best known for?
my creations. and being very serious.

10. Finish this sentence...My Favorite networking site is...
blogging cuz i don't do facebook, twitter, pinterest or that funny looking s thing or G+ or whatever else they got going on. only cuz i gotta limit my time to doing number 5.

11. Pet names from strangers (sweetie, honey, etc.) Love it or Hate it? 
i think people should call their pet any name they want. ain't my business if i love it or not.

those were tricky.

let's get back to our award nite.
here's a souvenir pic we took home but i think someone photoshopped my armpit in all these pics... 

so in the meantime i will pass the baton over to 11 more bloggers (when i can get it together) so they too can walk the red carpet and be a blogstar for a nite.

Thanks again NeeCee and everyone who reads my silliness :)


  1. OMG....this post is too darn cute! I love the way your mind thinks! I guess that's why I nominated YOU!!! LOL, NeeCee. Congrats......;)

    1. it's crazy when i went on pic monkey to edit a pic and saw the red carpet one-LOL! like i said nothing's a coincidence. and thanks to you for giving me a sally field moment :)

  2. You two look gorgeous on the red carpet! Congrats! You deserve your fame! Hope you had a good summer and I hope you can keep blogging when you are busy with your other career:)

    1. Wow thanks Michelle! My hair was a little frizzy that nite but at least my son looked handsome. As far as continuing to blog, well, I have to, to keep my sanity. :)


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