Wednesday, August 1, 2012

a food marker success story

preface-the following story is brought to you by an amateur food crafter whose soul desire is to share a little tip with the world to make food writing a little easier. all opinions are 100% hers and she only wishes she was getting some kind of monetary compensation without figuring out all those crazy html codes or whatever to advertise. she prays the food marker police will not arrest her and has nothing but praise for people who devote their lives to the fantastical world of food crafting. remember the author is only an amateur...

ONCE upon a time...
there was a girl who liked writing on food.  

she was seen as odd only to those who were not into food crafting, but to those who understood her, they too felt her pain.  

and what was her pain?  

the pain of food markers.  

it came when she concocted an extravagant dessert treat only to be finished with food marker details that basically went... 

and almost ruined her life.  

she tried keeping the food markers in the fridge, keeping them upside down, reading awesome articles like THISshaking them after each use, throwing them across the room, and so forth and so forth.  

she almost bought THESE but thought,
"do i want to spend more money when i already have 6 dozen food markers?"

she had to figure out another way.

so she went and decided to write a blog post. 

and it was going to be called:
"brilliant!" she thought.  

that would give her the motivation to try to get those darn food markers to work!  

so she set out to grab her markers. and when she looked at the millions she purchased in the past, she could not help but feel the pain again and think,why were the results of her past food marker days unlike the ones on the picture of the marker package?  

so she set off to make her own contest of who would be the best food marker in town.  

many markers tried out. but only a few were brave enough to follow through,  for fear of "fading out" in the competition.  

on the day of the contest, these showed up:
and about to find out, if able.  

first up was, EASY WRITER.  


oh the horror of a spaghetti type point! why oh why did he ever even compete? what was he thinking?!?  

so the next contender laughed and showed her stuff.
then the next contender came. 
oh! looks like FoodWriter wants a second chance!  

the girl said "OK"?!  

so he starts again.
you could hear the "Price is Right" loser jingle as the marker starts to fade in only the second try!  

but wait! FooDoodler wants to try again since FoodWriter got a second chance!
"hmmmmm..." thought the girl, FooDoodler seems to want to try, even if there's skips & blots here and there...
(girl makes a mental note)  

alas, the girl was losing hope, that is until the last and final contender, 
Mr. AmeriColor came.
"YES!" the girl exclaimed, for her young son who was testing all the markers in the competition told her "I LIKE THIS ONE MOM!"  

so the girl's pain disappeared, her face lit up, and she started to draw with AmeriColor.
"OH THE HORROR!" the girl thought, "just when i think AmeriColor will be the winner, the fading starts very shortly after!"  

"WHAT'S A GIRL TO DO?!? I HAVE 9,453 more candy melts to decorate before the guests arrive in 2 hours!"  

so she took a look again at the contenders.
and she thought, "there HAS to be a way of using food markers that won't crash out on you!"  

so she rested. 
and the idea came to her in the middle of the night.
and she sent them off on a romantic date.
and this happened
"DID THAT REALLY HAPPEN?!" she yelled aloud.
and she took a closer look.
take them rose colored glasses off Missy and try again.
first the girl wished she could even afford photoshop but then,  

the girl laughed when she saw what the 2 markers did. because she finally realized that 

by taking 2 markers of the SAME COLOR,
and coloring one another's tip, 
it gave enough ink to 
AVOID faster fading!

so the girl knew what to do next.
so the girl set off to make 9,452 more candy melt faces and never felt the pain again.  

well, maybe after the 500th one, but she just went and bought only AmeriColor kind more markers.



  1. That is adorable!

  2. Thanks Sharon! I was hoping somebody "got" this crazy story! :)

  3. Good trick! That sounds like you worked hard to figure it out, thanks for sharing it!

    1. Thanks Michelle! You have the nicest comments :) When I started using them I thought I was doing something wrong all the while even when I just opened the package. So I kept buying different ones til I ran out of money-LOL just kidding!?!

  4. Thanks for sharing! I also found just dipping the tips in some black food gel helps too to keep the color going! Love the post, cute!

  5. Whadda what?! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Man such a simple trick too :) Thank you sugarswings! BTW I checked your blog-such creative treats! Love it.

  6. This is pretty much my favorite post ever! I love how you wrote it as a story. I've been thinking about getting food markers for lunches, so I really appreciate your tips and suggestions. Thanks for sharing! :)

    1. Favorite post?!?!?!?! You became a follower?! SPROING!!!!!! Did'ja hear that?!?! That was my heart growing 10 TIMES BIGGER just like the Grinch's cuz you made me SO HAPPY! Oh crafty mischief girl thank you for making my 2am late nite making this post so worth it! :)

  7. hahahahahahah LOVE this love story!

    Thanks so much for sharing this at The DIY Dreamer.. From Dream To Reality!

    1. HAHA! Happy someone gets my nutty sense of humor! hehe Thanks for having me at your link party Christine! :)

  8. Yeah foodmarkers united. So cute. Stopping by to say Hi from the blog hop. Come visit sometime, tea is cold and no shoes are required. Kathy B. New follower

    1. Thank you Kathy! Glad you liked my silly story :) I'm off to check your blog now. Thank you thank you for becoming a follower!!!


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