Saturday, September 10, 2016

mini caramel apple fudge sticks

well, i guess it's fall season.
crisp leaves,
cooler temps,
pumpkins galore.

not around here in florida.

we have 
green leaves,
hot temps,
and summer heat galore.

so yesterday was summer.
today is summer,
and tomorrow will be summer.

summer summer summer.
ugh. ugh. ugh.

well, this fall girl will have to make up for the heat with a caramel apple treat.

but not just any caramel apple, 
let's make it with fudge ok?
and let's make 'em mini to boot:
yes you are seeing that right.
that's fudge.
and not an apple at all.

it just takes a few ingredients 
and freezing and decorating.

here we go:
the only reason i used caramel condensed milk is cuz my regular kind were expired...
since january 2016...uhoh!

so i had this caramel one that was still good 
and i said a caramel apple prayer that it would work.

let's look:
so like it says above, all you have to do is nuke the milk and chips together at 30 second intervals and stir til melted.

and yes-put that small bowl of 
80% melted caramel fudge on the side.
you'll see why in a sec, so don't mind the 
chips in there that still need melting.

so for the rest of the fudge, 
melt that completely and,
i was quite tickled when i colored the caramel red, 
thinking i was gonna get a funky color 
but yahoo it worked!

so next,form into mini apples,
or mini blob thingies pretending to be apples like i did:
freeze these blob apples for about an hour til nice and firm.

now it's time to mess with the 
small bowl of caramel and melt til smooth,
take your blob, 
dip it as shown, and place to dry.
you'll have to move quickly when you grab your apple 
cuz the warmth of your hands can make indentations.
no worries if it does, 
just cover with more caramel as shown below 
and add the details.
and there ya go.
mini caramel apples for summer fall season
in miniature size so you don't have to worry about waste.
(cuz goodness eating a real caramel apple fills you up 
doesn't it? or at least it does for me and i never finish it unless i share)

but no sharing will be needed here, 
well, at least for one apple eating.

unless of course they give you a quarter...?
(lol just wanted to show you the size of these)
happy apple season everyone! :)


  1. Oh. Yum. Since I'm a fudge and yummy candy kind of girl, I've never been crazy about caramel apples. I like 'em, but just not wild about them. But these!! Oh, BBFF, you have touched my heart with these!! I'm gonna make them...I have Scrabble next month! But then I think...the whole white chips and sweetened condensed milk thing.....pumpkins! Walnuts! Wreaths! Christmas packages! ACK!! The ideas are endless!! You are a genius, my friend! Dona

    1. oh goodness what have i done? looks like we are gonna be making lots of fudge treats for the holiday Dona! yippee! this kinda started from my july 4th flag fudge and i already have ideas just like you my BBFF! let's fudge on! heehee :>D

  2. These are so clever! 😀
    I love the possibilities!
    Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. yes, crafts of endless possibilities are the best! thank you Michelle! :>D

  3. This is the perfect time of year to be making this recipe.
    Thanks for sharing at Cooking and Crafting with J & J.

    1. awww thank you Julie! i try to match my crafts with the season :)

  4. These are perfect for our Fall wanna be season! I am in full caramel apple mode up here in Hotlanta! Actually, I love the hot/warm weather, but I also love the whole leaves changing, apple cider drinking, Smokey Mountain cruising thing. Happy Fall Lisa!

    1. i will gladly give you the hot humid temp here along with some apples Karen, for some of those whole leaves changing, apple cider drinking, and Smokey Mountain cruising things! heehee :>D

  5. These are just too cute and making them mini makes them over the top cute!

    1. i always like mini-over-the-top stuff too Kim! is it cuz it's easy to look over the top at mini things? lol ;)

  6. laughing is the best exercise-yes Marilyn! which is why i am laughing cuz i am confused by your comment? lol ;)

  7. and you are always SO sweet Jess! thank you :)

  8. These are so cute and sound really tasty!

    1. thank you Valerie! i think the caramel condensed milk makes it more special :>D


here's wishing for a stuffed comment box... :>D